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10 01 2014

This incredible boy

This is always one of my favorite photoshoots of the year. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but I've been seeing sweet J since he was 15 months old - just months after his heart transplant, and we've done one shoot a...

10 13 2013

Grandpa and swiiiinnnnnngs

I spend a lot of time with families that I know really well - and I adore that. I'm so lucky to be invited back to families' homes year after year, and to watch their kiddos get bigger and taller every year.  So it's actually a...

09 21 2012

8 years in... still perfecto

I just looked it up and realized this is my 8th year shooting L&W - I started when L was three and W was one.  Now look at them! L is climbing trees and channeling Katniss (she's read the whole series three times) and W is...

09 17 2012

Curls and giggles

I feel like an old lady when I keep saying things about these babies getting bigger and bigger every year - but wow. The curls on this big sister and the walking around little brother... where does the time go? Gorgeous. I love...

06 12 2012

Two STILL under two

Now you know these guys are close in age and their parents are rock stars for having them so close together when I'm back for a second photoshoot with the new baby (she's not even a new baby any more, big girl!) and we still have...

11 20 2011

Three speedy gigglers

These three are sooo fast, and they crack each other up sooo much, I just love it. Da boyz. All three run for the swingset! And the best, best, BESTest part of this one? L's toes in the corner. Loved seeing...

10 25 2011

Six, four and one, and HAPPY

I'm going to let these adorable three speak for themselves :) (Oh wait, but one quick story - love the urgency on biggest sister K's face here - she's telling us that her brother's falling off the swing.  We all thought it...

09 14 2011

A swinging, sliding, happy boy

I say this every year, I know, but these guys make me so happy every time I have a shoot with them.  They just ooze love out of every pore - their (now 5! year old - can't believe it, kindergartener) sweet boy is just an...

09 01 2011

Swinging and dimples

Are you kidding me with the matching grins?  And he's only 4 months old.  Wait, even better - she's only TWO.  Love, love, love this.   Once we got outside this peanut hopped up on the BIG GIRL SWING (yes, you...

07 26 2011

My little brother is hiLARious

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures I've ever taken. Love. Love. Love. Met these cuties last weekend, when what was supposed to be a rainy day cleared up for us and allowed us to play both inside and outside. Inside we got to...

06 01 2011

A few years later, a few degrees warmer

Back in the winter of 2008, I took pictures of these guys for the first time.  It was snowy out, everyone was chilly - but absolutely adorable - of course.  Now here we are starting up the summer of 2011 - YAY JUNE!! - and I...

05 10 2011

That boy can hook a trout!

With over a thousand photoshoots under my belt, it's hard to introduce a new kids activity to me.  Not to say that I'm bored of any of it - I'll play Legos and dressup and take fun pictures of it happily for the next many...