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tuesday tips Archives - Boston Baby Photos Blog

07 10 2012

Tuesday tip: Splash up a storm

These sunny days of summer allow for fast shutter speeds that capture water droplets in a super-cool way. Find a shady spot in the yard (sun is fun too if you're ready for a little more challenge) put your camera in manual mode...

06 26 2012

Tuesday tip: Just snap it.

Document family by just stepping back from a silly moment and snapping the shutter. You don't necessarily have to get all the faces smiling or even pointed in your direction... just capture the...

06 05 2012

Tuesday tip: Follow them

Go with it. Skip the posing for a while. Follow the children and great moments will just happen.  You don't have to convince kids to be awesome, hilarious and adorable, they just are.  And sometimes the mailman shows up.  And...

05 29 2012

Tuesday tip: Posing kids is futile

Don't get hung up on trying to pose kids. You may have one idea of how a picture will look in your head, but trust me - a three year old will have a different idea. And maybe that's OK - her idea might be kind of fantastic too....

05 15 2012

Tuesday tip: Scrapes, bruises...

Just take the picture.  Take it - scrapes, bruises and all.  Because if you wait until they're bruise and scrape free, you might miss something.  And you know what? You might even like the unedited version of the picture...

05 08 2012

Tuesday tip: Grab a book

Want some closeups of your little person, but can't get him or her to sit still?  Give 'em some reading material - and whether they read it or "devour" it in a more literal sense, it'll keep him or her in one place for a minute...

04 24 2012

Tuesday tips: Pups and babies

Get your camera ready, this one will be quick - and you'll need an assistant. You get into position, and get the pup somewhere comfy (the bed? the couch?). Now get the assistant to put your kiddo in next to the pup, and you shoot...