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category: baby photos, inside, multiple children
Canton, MA - And baby makes four
09 04 2019

Canton, MA - And baby makes four

It was late July when I arrived to meet these four cuties for photos - they were so willing to hang out and play together, I just adored it. It was a welcome to the family to baby B and she was all for it!I just love these...

07 27 2014

Four girls over eight years

This is #6 in my series of Family Retrospective Videos – for more information about this project or to sign up to be added to the list of families who wants one, click this link and scroll down the page through the previous...

11 01 2013

Another colorful post...

What's happening here? I've been in such a color mood recently, I'm loving the trees and the fall colors. And when my clients are older and able to run around and have fun outdoors, I just love when kids have the space to play...

09 25 2012

Four make me smile

My mom is one of four, and my three aunts are three of my favorite people in the world. I can't help but be reminded of my grandparents' strict but loving house whenever I get a crew of four for photos.  So I guess it's safe to...

05 02 2012

Spring Public Garden Mini-session #5

This running one is the best - love the Hancock building in the back! These guys were such fun - love this really relaxed shot: And then along came Mr. and Mrs. Mallard... Tickles are sometimes necessary. And it all...

11 08 2011

Four sets of incredible eyes

I've adored documenting these guys as their family's expanded over the years.  Now they've got these four sets of eyes that make for such incredible pictures! Just the twins: And in no particular...

10 26 2011

Four fantastic cuties

I have to start with these two pictures that just tell the story of having four fantastic kids so well.  Love the joy in this one: Love the comfort (and craziness) obvious in this one :) In the spirit of the upcoming...

10 14 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #5

Tickle torture, times four. Oh yes. And my favorite part here is mama's grin over her shoulder as all four zip past her.  Not to mention that the estrogen takes the race (Oh, fine, maybe it was a little bit set up... but...

09 22 2011

Four for four! Fantastic.

Met up with these four gorgeous cuties last weekend and they were awesome.  First of all, I'm in love with this, especially A peeking around to see baby B's face: Three big guys jumping around: Lots of fun to be had with...

08 01 2011

Fourth newborn shoot!

I'm so lucky that these guys came back from Arizona for a visit!  They had their first son seven years ago and were living in the Boston area.  We took sweet pictures of him when he was just three weeks old.  Then they moved,...

05 05 2011

Two handsome boys take their Communion

So I have to start by showing you these two eight year old guys together with their beautiful mama, since Mother's Day is just around the corner. Aren't they handsome?  Love the white linen shirts and seersucker pants for their...