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category: baby photos, big family groups and events, fall and winter, family photos
Back Bay Boston Family Reunion Photoshoot
01 10 2018

Back Bay Boston Family Reunion Photoshoot

Well don't you think the historic beauty of Boston's Back Bay is the perfect place to document a family history, too? That, and the weather on this November day couldn't have been better for this Boston Family Reunion...

category: fall and winter, family photos, toddler
Charlestown Monument Family Photoshoot
12 20 2017

Charlestown Monument Family Photoshoot

This Charlestown Monument family photoshoot is all about making history. Making portraits of a personal history in a truly historic location...We've been capturing T since she was a newborn with the baby’s first year package...

11 01 2011

A boy and his pup

This little 16 month old guy had such fun crawling all over his friend the pup - their relationship was very sibling-esque. I won't do too much commentary... but first I have to show you the handsome: And the...

09 14 2011

The beach, and more

This one is hands-down my favorite from the whole shoot.  I love 16 month old C peeking through this tree at her dad.  You can even tell Dad is smiling from the bit of his cheek we see... We had such fun at the beach near...

08 15 2011

Now it's her turn

So much history, so little space on the blog.  My college roommate's kids are getting bigger and bigger, and last weekend we did pictures to mark little sister K's passage into the year-and-a-half era - just as we'd done for big...

08 01 2011

Three cuties and the beach

I met these guys at the house before heading over to their neighborhood beach, and I am just in love with this first picture we got -- how perfect?? But then we zipped over to the beach and got some great fun pictures by the...

07 26 2011

My little brother is hiLARious

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures I've ever taken. Love. Love. Love. Met these cuties last weekend, when what was supposed to be a rainy day cleared up for us and allowed us to play both inside and outside. Inside we got to...

07 23 2011

He's three and she's one

So I know I always gush about these guys on the blog, but I think the fact these two kids are practically our niece and nephew means I get to spend a minute or two telling you how amazing they are.  It's a double birthday month...

05 10 2011

That boy can hook a trout!

With over a thousand photoshoots under my belt, it's hard to introduce a new kids activity to me.  Not to say that I'm bored of any of it - I'll play Legos and dressup and take fun pictures of it happily for the next many...

04 02 2011

Running adventures

I haven't seen this gorgeous girl since she was a tiny twelve week old sweet thing, and just look at her 21 month old perfection now:   Running in the kitchen was by far her favorite activity: She even got...

03 11 2011

One year!

I know big girl J's mama didn't love this T shirt - but this moment when she's pulling it up so we get full view of those fantastic thighs - it's just perfect.  And look at that, she's ONE!  I took pictures of her one year ago...

03 10 2011

3 1/2 years later

Three summers ago I met tiny little M on Nantucket, when my old friend Gabriel Frasca and his incredible wife Amanda Lydon invited me over the deck of Straight Wharf (their restaurant on the island).  M was only 7 weeks old...

01 26 2011

Number four, nine days in

When this mama called me to document her fourth baby's newborn pictures, I was so excited to see his tiny cuteness compared to his big brothers and sisters.  Well Mother Nature conspired against us, and we had to move our shoot...