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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2018 marked my 15th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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With over a thousand photoshoots under my belt, it’s hard to introduce a new kids activity to me.  Not to say that I’m bored of any of it – I’ll play Legos and dressup and take fun pictures of it happily for the next many decades, don’t get me wrong.  But this one was a totally new one for me.  Raise your hand if you knew you could buy all different kinds of real-looking stuffed fish with little loops of string in their mouths – and that kids can hook them with their real fishing rods and practice reeling them in in the backyard.  So super cool.  This tiny fisherman fishes with his dad as often as he can (almost every night after work – LOVE it) and when he can’t get to a real watering hole, is content to cast and reel in his funky stuffed fish in the backyard.  Just awesome.

His sister is a total swing addict.  Been there – I hear you, M.  Swinging rocks.  Or as my Sadie calls it, “finging”. Not to mention the awesome tongue.

Now many years ago this fisherman daddy and I worked at a small company together – pre-marriages, pre-kids… and I just love getting to see people like this over the years as their kids grow up.  Just such a wonderful family:

Running around outside:

Giving hugs:

Just being handsome:

And donning her custom-crocheted outfit from her grandmother…

Loved every minute of it, guys!  So nice to see you.

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