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wrist rolls Archives - Page 3 of 5 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 10 2010

No way to hide this cuteness

When I arrived for my shoot with M and his little sister S last week, poor little M was exhausted.  Turned out the time we'd planned on for our shoot was a time he'd just started napping a couple of days before, so the poor guy...

05 05 2010

Rolls, eyelashes and the best pout

I hadn't seen this little beauty since she was just a teenie, tiny, newborn.  It's been a year, and she is such an adorable little one year old now!  Let's start with this one, so you can see the rolls: I love the edge of a...

04 28 2010


Nothing beats a mom and her baby shot, in my mind.  Nothing. Do you believe big brother C with his little 10 week old brother here?  They see us pinching those sweet cheeks all the time, it's hard for them not to do it,...

03 17 2010

Expressions at 9 months old: awesome

So this was my third visit to see this handsome devil - we did three month pictures, six month pictures, and now nine month... it's so wonderful to see the changes when I get a chance to document little guys in their first...

02 10 2010

A new brother makes two

When you're two and a half, your new brother's toes in your face are pretty hilarious: S's new brother J is just getting to the point where the smiles are flowing freely - we got tons of them during our photoshoot: A...

11 24 2009

Perfect rollie pollie cutie pie

I was so excited to see how big this guy had gotten since his 3 month pictures, and he was gorgeous! Chubby little arms and legs... look at how strong he is, holding himself up :) He'll be crawling momentarily.I love this with...

11 17 2009

A threefer!

I went to college with these three cuties' mom and dad. Their dad gave their mom a gift certificate for this shoot last Christmas, and after a few reschedules, we finally did it! It was so much fun to get a chance to meet them...

11 13 2009

Dahling, you look mahvelous

This was my third visit with Ms. C - we first met when she was just a little newborn, and then I got to come back and see her when she was a beautiful chubby six month old. Now she's a big girl turning one, and she was...

11 10 2009

Yes, toes are delicious

Mmmm - what's better than a little yummy toe to nibble?Handsome 6 month old R is the same age as my Sadie :) Peering out the window over Dad's shoulder:Getting some help from mom with the sitting up skills:And a perfect dimpled...

11 03 2009

She's 6 months!

I first met this sweet little lady's big brother when he was six months old, and I've gotten to see him grow every six months since then. And now here he is a big boy with a six month old sister:Aren't they gorgeous?First Mr....

09 30 2009

Chubby toes and fingers

A perfect round little munchkin met me at the door when I arrived for our shoot this weekend - look at these incredible toes and fingers!And a great tongue :)He loved playing with his mom and dad:And mirrored dad so cutely here:A...

09 20 2009

Family pics from StoryLand

So I'm taking a break from my regularly scheduled photoshoot blog to post a quick story/pics from our weekend trip to StoryLand with some wonderful friends. Their 14 month old Hayden had the best expressions...#1:#2:and #3:(Hehe,...

09 06 2009

Tootsies and cuteness

Sweet N was 12 weeks old at our photoshoot in late August, and (again) I got excited because she was just about the same age as my new baby girl. I always love it when children's ages match up with mine... and beautiful N was no...

08 30 2009

Running on the porch

I met big sister O back when she was a chubby cutie, and now she's a big tall girl of almost three. Her little brother is 16 months old, and they loved running around together:Aren't they a handsome crew?Tossed around:Sit and...

08 26 2009

Rolls and eyelashes

This big handsome boy was incredible with his rolls and his eyelashes! He's only 3 1/2 months old - the same age as my Sadie. So fun to start taking pictures of babies who are the same age as my second girlie...I love this as...