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tuesday tips Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

04 10 2012

Tuesday tips: It's all right to cry

It seems momentarily cruel to take a picture as your little guy's eyes brim with tears and that lower lip starts to quiver (and I'm not suggesting running for the camera just after it happens)... but if you happen to get to the...

04 03 2012

Tuesday tips: Grandma & Grandpa

Include grandparents in pictures whenever you have the chance.  Sometimes this requires more preparation than you expect - you can't just grab a camera anytime when your own parents/in-laws are involved.  Give them a little...

03 20 2012

Tuesday tips: Play with the horizon line

Experiment with rotating your camera when you're shooting (or do it afterwards, in an image editing program on your computer) so that the "horizon line" isn't necessarily straight along the top or the bottom. Sometimes I think it...

03 06 2012

Tuesday tip: A moveable feast

Is someone in your house trying/enjoying/hating new foods right now? Get someone else to do a feeding so you can snap away. Move the high chair near the window and turn it sideways a bit, and just then shoot, shoot,...

02 28 2012

Tuesday tips: Create perspective

It's nice to include other elements in a photo of your teenie new baby, to help with perspective. So though you're tempted to zoom in really close to get all those tiny parts documented, take some standing back a bit to show your...

02 14 2012

Tuesday tips: Sibling smooches

In honor of Valentine's Day - getting that moment of impact on a smooch picture can be a challenge. But as is often the case, if you shoot a lot, you might end up with a winner just before or just after the moment of contact....

02 07 2012

Tuesday tips: Everyday stuff

Get someone else to take a picture of you doing everyday things with your kids. These'll be the pictures they'll go back to someday to remember how young YOU looked, and how much fun they had with you. Yes, the kids are adorable...

01 31 2012

Tuesday tips: Big sibling/new baby

Trying to get pictures of big bro/sis with new baby? Get prepared first. Be somewhere with good light. Take practice pictures of just the older one in the spot. Have someone else put the baby in and then just shoot like mad. You...

01 17 2012

Tuesday tip: Let them play

Let them play - spontaneous pictures are much more fun than posed ones. You have to take a lot (and put up with a lot of motion blur) before you get something worth keeping, but that's...