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tootsies Archives - Page 3 of 8 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

05 02 2012

Seven days in...

Now this guy has neck control!  I mean, come on now... he's going to make the other babies jealous with these skills. Seven days old and he's already lifting his head up and looking over Dad's shoulder at...

03 29 2012

Four months old and full of grins

Earlier this week I got to meet a lovely little lady.  She had some shy moments... (I just adore this one) But she was full of grins most of the time: Her big "brother" Howie adores her already: The fuzzy hair is...

03 06 2012

Thrilled with being six months old

Even if the avocados were at the very end of the photoshoot, I have to start with them. Right? But other than during that moment, this six month old sweet guy had a great time during his photoshoot. Wheeee! Playing with...

11 22 2011

Ten, seven and almost six months

Best best best.  Love this. But I'm also kinda digging this one: Oh fine, I'll show you their handsome faces :) Mr. Almost 6 months: ' Mr. 7: And Mr. 10: Of course we had to do a Broncos picture - as all...

11 20 2011

Three speedy gigglers

These three are sooo fast, and they crack each other up sooo much, I just love it. Da boyz. All three run for the swingset! And the best, best, BESTest part of this one? L's toes in the corner. Loved seeing...

11 15 2011

Tintin and his new brother

I might have an addiction to toe pictures, but I just adore them.  This one would look so neat hung up huge in a bedroom :) Tintin with dad: So loving with his new brother! Poke. Kinda love how crazy this one...

11 05 2011

Big sister love

You guys, this is one of those ones that would look so neat printed big up on the wall in your bedroom!  I love this sweet sweet moment. They already have such a great time together :) S loves to help A when he's taking...

11 01 2011

Welcoming a new sweet boy

I met 2 year old C when he was his teenie new brother's age.  And now look at him.  All growed up :)  I'll let the photos tell the story here - these guys were just perfect. Handsome as the dickens!  And really only...

10 29 2011

New brudda, with stinky feet

E checked out her new brother B's toes, and confirmed - p.u.! Or maybe not, but at least it made her giggle.  E is just 25 months older than her now one month old brother - so they narrowly missed membership in my exclusive two...

10 25 2011

Brothers, eight years apart

Big brother W is eight and a half, and his new perfect brother N was only seven weeks old when we took these photos a few weeks ago.  This means these guys are already fast friends, with little N already kicking W in the face...

10 05 2011

A new sweet, sweet girl

When my husband and I were looking to buy our first house, our oldest daughter Annie was one and a half, and we looked in lots of towns around the Boston area before we chose the one we did.  I mumble the name of the town...