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tootsies Archives - Page 2 of 8 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

11 15 2013

A little tennis-playing smiley guy

Come on now, with the cuteness? Is this fair? This guy was only two weeks old when we took these pictures, and he was grinning up a storm. Newborn smiles crack me up so much - they're so random and sweet and we grownups love them...

02 07 2013

Wide open, at six months

So I never say I love the everyone looking at the camera and smiling picture - I always take this one, but I rarely mention it as my favorite.  It's a gimme - you know? I mean, you want it, for the frame, for the grandparent...

09 21 2012

Dimples and a fantastic smile

This little 3 month old cutie blew me away on Sunday - she was just full of grins and her dimples were perfection. Even when she rubbed her eyes with the universal sign for, "Um, I'm tired, guys" - she still held it together and...

09 13 2012

Happy birthday, baby girl!

This fantastic little girl and her mama did a baby's first year package with me this year, and opted for package #2 - with 5 photoshoots in the first year.  This means I really felt like I got to watch her grow -- it was so fun...

09 06 2012

Brother adventures

Oh I love going back a year later! Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful and amazing to chronicle babies throughout their first year (now I feel like I need to link to the Baby's First Year package), but there's this incredible fun...

08 09 2012

Three on a hot day

It was warm on Tuesday, and we met up for pictures just about midday - but that didn't stop these three.  They always have such fantastic energy, and I love this one of the three of them - dimples and all.  But I think my...

08 08 2012

Four months and having a blast

OK, hands down favorite from this session is this one of sweet little 4 month old M, as she makes her parents giggle almost as much as she's giggling.  Also love the one where her mom's head is turned, and we see the back of...

07 28 2012

8 months of adorable

I loved getting a chance to see E again last week - she's perfect, all rolls and grins. We even got a chance to do a picture of her with photos of her two namesakes - one from each side of the family.  I'm having a hard time...

07 12 2012

Summer fun with the boys

Six months, two years old and six years old - three fabulous boys.  The toes only tell some of the story... they look so relaxed here... (adorable nonetheless) I love the energy from the bigger boys in this one and then also...

06 26 2012

What, you like my hat? This old thing?

You guys know I'm not really a "hat" baby photographer.  But when there's one just LYING around... and when a 9 month old sweetie feels like she's ready for her closeup in it... who am I to say no? Incredible cuteness.  I'm...

06 05 2012

Twenty six month old piggy toes

These two beautiful ladies turned six months old last weekend!  Look at their perfect little tushes and their gorgeous little bald spots :) Before I even get to the cute faces, I'm starting at the bottom. Gorgeous toes -...