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01 14 2011

First comes love, then comes marriage...

People ask me if I've ever shot a wedding, and I tell them I've only done a few of them, and that babies are more my thing.  But whenever they ask, I think of this incredible couple - my husband Evan's best friend since he was...

01 07 2011

Two blondies

If memory serves (and Kristen, correct me if I'm wrong) in 1986, these cuties' fun blonde mama and I were in a critically acclaimed elementary school production of Sound of Music together. Now it's 25 (???!!!) years later and I...

11 21 2010

A visit from the left coast

I've been a terrible blogger this month, I'm so sorry.  I'm rushing to get everyone's photos edited and out to them as fast as I can, and that often means sacrificing the blog posts, and I'm sorry about that. So Evan and I...

11 17 2010

Another gorgeous two under two

A kiss? From a big brother who isn't even two years old yet? Rare.  And when it happens, and you also get curly eyelashes and an adorable three month old sticky-uppy do and sweet little splayed fingers......

11 04 2010

Six is a charm

I have to start at the end with these guys, because this is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  Dad's expression, looking over at Mom, who's just coming into the frame. All four of them, piled up on him... it really...

10 25 2010

Strutting in his jeans

My favorite: With this one in a close second... Handsome dude: I love the way mom and dad are looking at each other here: Don't kill me for posting this one, but I can't stop laughing at it... "Honey, you have...

10 20 2010

Three squeezes

What a fun crew.  And I just found out that today's is Mama's birthday!  Happy Birthday, baby! Ladies first... Big brudda... Little brudda... And sometimes as we seek that perfect shot, we get some other great...

10 12 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #10

So glad you guys met me in the Garden!  (I've done tons of shoot for these guys over the years, and it was so fun to do a location session, now that the boys are older and happy running around outside.) By far my fave :) I...

10 07 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #4

Working our way through last Saturday's mini-shoots - we're up to my 4th shoot.  I was so excited to see this little guy again... I like his roaring dinosaur imitation. With his Pop. Share this...