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spring Archives - Page 4 of 6 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

03 06 2011

Spring Mini-Shoot Day: April 2, 2011

All sold out! After last week's email blast to my newsletter subscribers, I sold out the Public Garden mini-shoot day's 13 sessions.  But... with little kids involved, I do need to plan for cancellations, so please let me know...

06 18 2010

Mama and Daddy moments with the twins

Got some great moments with these sweet girls last week with their mom and their dad. Everybody had fun: With everybody else.  This one I just think is so pretty... And I've never taken pictures as a little one looked...

06 15 2010

Fun downtown

This one might be one of my favorite swan boat pictures ever - I love how L is picking up her little leg here, taking a huge step: Giving the (bronze, make way for) ducklings some snacks: What a pretty lady! Thoughtful...

06 07 2010

Hot-sy tot-sy

Do other families use that expression? Hot-sy tot-sy? To describe something really hot?  OK... well, that was the day a couple of weeks ago when we shot these photos in the Boston Public Garden - it was a zillion degress out. ...

06 03 2010

Curly girl

The last time I saw this big girl Z she didn't have hair, and now she has a gorgeous curly top of rings: These guys all met me in the Boston Public Garden for my mini-shoot day.  They were my 11th shoot of the day, and their...

06 01 2010

Back to the Garden, one year later

Last year we did photos in the Public Garden with these three cuties, because they live a bit outside of my normal travel area, and I love meeting families here (as you might be able to guess by the zillions of shoots I'm posting...

06 01 2010

Teeckle teeckle teeckle

Just after my lunch on 5/23, I met these guys by the water in the Public Garden and tickling ensued... Jumping, too. More smiles... Oh, and big sister wet willies... (don't you love the dirty bum on X here?) And we...

05 31 2010

A girl and her bubble wand

I love how big and gorgeous G has gotten since the last time I saw her!  Her curls are killer, too. She had incredible focus on her bubbles - loved chasing them around the garden... Love as she bites her tongue as she...

05 28 2010

A fabulous fivesome

These guys live right behind me, so I was so excited when they booked a session on my Public Garden mini-shoot day.  I've wanted to take their picture forever - they always have such a good time together. Now this picture is...

05 28 2010

Soon-to-be big brother

These guys were my 3rd Public Garden mini-shoot last Sunday, and I didn't even know mom was pregnant before we met up there... so exciting! She looked incredible, and big boy B was adorable and ready to have a great time running...

05 28 2010

Two babies becoming two ladies

I started taking pictures of these two lovelies five years ago when they were just babies.  And now look at them - two gorgeous ladies! These guys were my first shoot in the Boston Public Garden last Sunday for my Ashmont...

05 26 2010

Party of six (and I mean party...)

Pardon the blog title... can you tell I've been watching the finale of Lost as I edit these photos?  I've got Party of Five on the brain (Lost's Jack was Charlie on Pof5 back in the day).  But that's neither here nor there. I...