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sisters Archives - Page 5 of 7 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

09 20 2009

Family pics from StoryLand

So I'm taking a break from my regularly scheduled photoshoot blog to post a quick story/pics from our weekend trip to StoryLand with some wonderful friends. Their 14 month old Hayden had the best expressions...#1:#2:and #3:(Hehe,...

08 12 2009

Welcoming a boy into the crew

I've been taking pictures of these guys since big girl A was just a babe (do I start too many blog posts this way? I'm sorry, I just LOVE this part of my work - seeing babies grow)... But we saw the arrival of little sister R,...

06 12 2009

Sisters, and mommy time

A year or so after college, Carole and I lived together with another good friend, and thinking back to the fun and crazy times in that apartment in Brighton, I don't think we'd ever have guessed we'd someday have girls the same...

04 09 2009

Three beauties on a gorgeous day

I have to admit I am SOOOoooo excited to welcome the warm weather back.  This weekend I had a Sunday full of really fun photoshoots, and we got to go outside to play in all of them.  Kids can really be themselves...

01 23 2009

Amazing eyes on these girls

Ooh, I love childcare and the slow January season! I took these photos earlier today, and thanks to my mother-in-law's preschool pickup, was able to focus the rest of the day on them. I love being able to turn things around so...

01 11 2009

Number three, on the way

I love it when families I've known for a while let me come back and experience a pregnancy through pictures. I started taking pictures of big five year old A when she was just a year old, and got to do teenie baby pictures of...

12 22 2008

Many years, big girls

I've been taking pictures of these girls every year since I started my business back in 2003, and they've gotten so big!It's sweet, because they know I'm coming, and remember having done this year after year, so the three of us...

12 08 2008

Big sister hugs

A huge hug from big sister M gave little sister J a reason to grin last weekend:But her dad's funny faces were even better:Isn't big girl M just gorgeous? I love this one:Wonderful to see you guys again. I hope the move...

11 20 2008

Smooch for my brother

Big sister H is such a good smoocher! And little brother D seems to be enjoying it :)These guys had some giggles together:I can't believe how big H is getting. I met her and her mom in my first mom's group, when she and my...

10 30 2008

Two girls in the leaves

These guys had such fun running around and tossing leaves on each other:And giving each other sweet hugs:The belly buttons are the best part of this one:Giving mum a hug:Peek-a-boo!Wonderful to see you guys again...

10 28 2008

Girlie giggles

These girls had such fun together on their couch:And then we went outside, and they just had a blast playing:Giggling with mom and dad:Little M got a swing around from her mom:Big M did some twirls for us:And here are the two...