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06 09 2010

Go big or go home

I just looked through this handful of my favorite shots from this session, and they reminded me of that expression "go big, or go home".  These adorable girls had big expressions for the whole session.  Look first at these BIG...

06 02 2010

Laughing ladies

This is another pair of girlies I've been taking pictures of since they were teenie.  Since before B was born - back when M was just a tiny bubble-blowing cutie... And now here they are, girls having fun together.  Something...

06 01 2010

Back to the Garden, one year later

Last year we did photos in the Public Garden with these three cuties, because they live a bit outside of my normal travel area, and I love meeting families here (as you might be able to guess by the zillions of shoots I'm posting...

05 28 2010

A fabulous fivesome

These guys live right behind me, so I was so excited when they booked a session on my Public Garden mini-shoot day.  I've wanted to take their picture forever - they always have such a good time together. Now this picture is...

05 28 2010

Two babies becoming two ladies

I started taking pictures of these two lovelies five years ago when they were just babies.  And now look at them - two gorgeous ladies! These guys were my first shoot in the Boston Public Garden last Sunday for my Ashmont...

05 26 2010

Party of six (and I mean party...)

Pardon the blog title... can you tell I've been watching the finale of Lost as I edit these photos?  I've got Party of Five on the brain (Lost's Jack was Charlie on Pof5 back in the day).  But that's neither here nor there. I...

04 28 2010

Matching girls

These sweet sisters sported some fantastic matching sailor dresses for their photoshoot last weekend, but in this shot I love how they match in so many other ways - the tilting heads, the smiling eyes, the shape of their...

04 23 2010

Group hug

I know the classic family shot has everybody looking at the camera and smiling, but sometimes there's a different kind of photo that steals my heart.  This is one of them - of my 1pm family from the Public Garden mini session on...

04 20 2010

Daddy and his girls

This Daddy and I have known each other for... oh no, seriously? (as I count on my fingers) this can't be right.  23 years? What am I, filing for social security or something?  Well, we've been friends since middle school, and...

11 17 2009

Four times the fun

At 8:15am a couple of Saturdays ago I sent out an email to my waiting list letting them know my 11am appointment had just cancelled due to illness... and this fast typing mama replied right away. She had all FOUR of her...

10 18 2009

3 girls tossing some leaves

Lovely ladies running around together in the leaves - can't beat it :)And littlest girl A was so agreeable when the big girls decided to cover her in leaves:Twinkley eyed girl:Aren't they gorgeous?A toss in the air:And a swing...

10 11 2009

Four grinning girls

Saturday was a day of twins - these younger girls were my first set of the day, and they're a big one year old already, I can't believe it. I shot a lot of returning clients in the past couple of days, and I've just been...

09 25 2009


I love playing with your kids pictures. They're the kind of photos that are worth hiring a photographer to take - because you really can't take them yourself, no matter how skilled you are with the camera's timer. These girls...

category: older children, water
It all just worked
09 23 2009

It all just worked

Something was in the air two weeks ago when we had this photoshoot. I don't know what it was, but even as I was shooting it, I knew it was all just working. The weather was incredible, sparkling off the pond... The subjects were...