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newborn smile Archives - Page 3 of 4 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 14 2011

Two gorgeous boys under two

I met these handsome boys two weekends ago, big 22 month old brother P, and little three week old brother N; and I was so impressed by how much attention P was lavishing on N.  I can only imagine the buddies they're going to...

11 09 2010

Big happy sis, leetle sweet brudda

Favorite, favorite, favorite!  I love this one so much. But this one's pretty great too. Wait, wait, I actually love this one a lot too. The curls on big sister aren't to be believed. And the grins on little brother...

03 11 2010

Welcoming a lovely lady

I keep coming back to this one as I'm editing these photos -  the curled toes on one foot, the relaxed toes on the other. I love to see how teenie little J's feet are next to her mama's thumb.  We got tons of beautiful ones of...

03 10 2010

Stepping back and appreciating it

My photographic style often has me really close up to some pretty beautiful little people.  I love being close, capturing those moments as the sneeze happens, as the yawn crests... But once in a while I see something happening...

12 10 2009

3 weeks old and grinning already?

I'm smack dab in the middle of editing a newborn session from this past weekend, and I had to quickly post this one because it's too perfect.Doesn't baby S know she's not supposed to be grinning for a few more weeks? She's way...

09 12 2009

2 wonderful weeks old

I love maternity sessions that I get to do just before a baby's born, and then come back mere weeks later to meet a new perfect bundle! This gorgeous boy was born just two weeks before I met him last week, and although when I...

08 20 2009

3 weeks old: Third time's a charm

This is the third time I've visited this family when a child of theirs is 3 weeks old. And she was a charm! How cool to see their babies at this exact stage, one after another. This time I met their first girl, baby J, while...

08 11 2009

A visit from Milwaukee

I was so happy to find out that these guys were visiting from Milwaukee and wanted a photoshoot while they were here. Little tiny baby J isn't quite 3 months old here, and her big brother B is a big boy of two. Aren't they so...

06 29 2009

A new sister, complete with cute toes

A quick break from the contest... I got to go meet new baby S last Friday, and I'm excited to show her parents these sweet photos. I've been taking pictures of big brother M since he was a newborn, just the same size as his new...

06 17 2009

Teenie and sweet as can be

OK, so I'm having so much fun getting to know a whole new batch of babies who'll be my Sadie's age as they get bigger. I have this whole "generation" of children born about 3 1/2 or 4 years ago that I've had fun taking pictures...