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mom and her baby Archives - Page 5 of 7 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

05 31 2011

What a gorgeous, wide open smile

Don't you just love how this little sweetheart opens her mouth so wide to smile for us?  With her cute little tongue peeking out? Having some fun with Dad: And then, wait, not so sure about what Dad just...

05 03 2011

Double perfection

I met this perfect pair of three month old boy/girl twins last weekend - I love this as sister A gives a little giggle: And here you can see their beautiful faces a bit better: When one's feeling good, the other......

05 01 2011

Fantastic expressions

And  for me, of all the fantastic expressions, this one takes the cake - eyebrow raise/splayed fingers and extra arm/leg rolls and all :) But actually, the whole shoot was full of awesome expressions: See what I...

04 28 2011

Devouring Goodnight Moon

I mean, sometimes books are just so good, I know - I totally DEVOUR them too. For sweet 7 month old girl L, Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon is one of those books. Isn't she a beauty? Shhh, daddy! Love the...

04 26 2011

A little lady joins the boys

I haven't seen these guys since little brother C was born, but now he's big brother C - to a beautiful little bow-wearing sister :) Introductions all around - biggest boy R: Newly minted, formerly little, now "big"...

04 26 2011

A TON of beautiful hair

When this little beauty's mama emailed me about her photoshoot, she warned me that her daughter (and I'm quoting here) "has a ton, and I mean a ton, of hair ;)" I loved it.  She's gorgeous, and the hair is fabulous. We...

04 11 2011

6 month old eyelash king

We found him!  The winner of every imaginable eyelash-length contest out there.  And to think he lived here in Boston, all this time :)  I loved getting to know little six month old R yesterday.  Even though he'd kept his...

03 11 2011

One year!

I know big girl J's mama didn't love this T shirt - but this moment when she's pulling it up so we get full view of those fantastic thighs - it's just perfect.  And look at that, she's ONE!  I took pictures of her one year ago...

03 10 2011

3 1/2 years later

Three summers ago I met tiny little M on Nantucket, when my old friend Gabriel Frasca and his incredible wife Amanda Lydon invited me over the deck of Straight Wharf (their restaurant on the island).  M was only 7 weeks old...

03 03 2011

5 months old and loving carrots

Even though we didn't do the pureed carrots until late in the photoshoot, I have to post them first because I LOVE these pictures.  Big boy C adores his carrots, grabbing the spoon away from his mama with gusto each time...

02 15 2011

His one month birthday

I should start by introducing his handsomeness, Mr. B: YAWN... Teenie tiny on the big bed: Tiny toes... Wonderful to meet you guys - congratulations! Share this...

02 14 2011

Sistery Valentines

I got to go see these two beauties a couple of weeks ago, but it was a big secret and I wasn't allowed to post anything on here until now, because it was a present for their dad. When big sister B was about little sister P's...

01 26 2011

Number four, nine days in

When this mama called me to document her fourth baby's newborn pictures, I was so excited to see his tiny cuteness compared to his big brothers and sisters.  Well Mother Nature conspired against us, and we had to move our shoot...

01 14 2011

First comes love, then comes marriage...

People ask me if I've ever shot a wedding, and I tell them I've only done a few of them, and that babies are more my thing.  But whenever they ask, I think of this incredible couple - my husband Evan's best friend since he was...