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fall Archives - Page 4 of 8 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

10 11 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #1

It's that time of the year again!  We had a perfect day in the Boston Public Garden last Saturday (after only one rain reschedule), and twelve fantastic families came and met me for 20 minute minishoot appointments.  I've been...

09 23 2011

Three fun munchkins

This one cracks me up.  Just awesome. And the tongue here? Too fantastic. These three little personalities were just so much fun to spend time with - fantastic dynamic. Even when something totally terrible happens (like...

10 31 2010

Neighborhood Halloween 2010

Every year since we moved into this fantastic neighborhood in 2007, I've invited all the neighborhood kids over for a Halloween photoshoot - it's too fun not to.  Here are some of my favorites from this year's...

10 14 2010

Pretty girls in the trees

OK, this is my favorite picture I've taken in a while.  LOVE it. And this one matches one we took of these two girls about four or five years ago, with little sister E in focus in the front and big sister A in the...

10 13 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #11

Here's my last mini-shoot from October! Thanks to all of the wonderful families who met me in the Public Garden a few weeks ago - I think we got really fun pictures. Especially these guys.  They were so fun...

10 12 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #10

So glad you guys met me in the Garden!  (I've done tons of shoot for these guys over the years, and it was so fun to do a location session, now that the boys are older and happy running around outside.) By far my fave :) I...

10 11 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #8

I have an ABSURD number of blog photos to show you from this mini-shoot. Well, it all would have been normal, I would have 6-8 photos to show you if this crazy fun little dude hadn't jumped in the fountain.  And if his crazy fun...

10 04 2010

Fall Public Garden Shoot #2

Love this one, where J zips away under the weeping willow branches... And I was reminded recently of how nice blog posts are when there's no silly commentary.  So here goes... Share this on...

10 03 2010

Fall Public Garden #1

What a day we had yesterday! It was a gorgeous, perfect fall day in the Public Garden for my fall mini-shoot day, and we ended up with eleven fabulous families having some fun and getting really cool pictures.  Here are a...

12 07 2009

Lots of twin boy hugs

This photo has me giggling - even at this late hour. C grabs T to plant one on him, square in the center of his mouth. Hilarious. The hugs at this shoot were awesome - the boys had such fun playing together.During this...

12 06 2009

Big brother rocker

This picture cracks me up. Doesn't big brother P look like Ozzy Osborne or something here? Except he's a peaceful rocker :)What a sweet pair:Running around a bit outside with Dad:And I know his dad is going to love this picture...