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11 10 2011

Five, and full of energy

Number one, total fave, right here.  LOVE the bit of mom and dad that we can see - mom's curls, dad's toe.  And the expression can't be beat. Loved seeing you guys, as...

10 28 2011

At the playground

Sometimes all we need for great pictures is a walk around the corner to the playground.  I love this. Note J and B's hands, and B's adoration.  Wonderful. Calmer, and nice. A little crazy never hurt. Wonderful...

10 26 2011

Four fantastic cuties

I have to start with these two pictures that just tell the story of having four fantastic kids so well.  Love the joy in this one: Love the comfort (and craziness) obvious in this one :) In the spirit of the upcoming...

10 23 2011

Two handsome, energetic little dudes

OK, before I show you all the adorable pictures of these two guys, I had to start with the most awesome mom shot. If this doesn't tell the story of a mom of two boys under three, I don't know what does :) Now back to these two...

10 20 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #12

The final shoot of the 12 family mini-shoot day was a pair of twins I hadn't seen since they were newborn sweeties, and now they're big one year olds.  Perfect one year olds. The light was streaming through the trees, all was...

10 20 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #11

The thing is - these guys are just fun.  Just FUN. I missed them - it's been years and I haven't had a chance to take their picture since their boys were teenie, and that's just one of the things I love about these mini-shoot...

10 20 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #10

I have one word for these two ladies.  OK, two: My. Muses. I haven't seen them since they were nine months old, and I almost didn't recognize them when I met up with them on the mini-shoot day.  This one is my hands-down...

10 17 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #7

The eyes on these three just kill me. One in particular. Love the eyelines here - Dad laughing looking at Mom, Mom at J.  Beautiful.  Your eyes keep tracking around the triangle shape that their three sets of eyes create...

10 14 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #6

So much delight in each other.  The best.  Love love love to see these guys grow... Squeeeeeeeze. Beauteous. Perfection in jumping, by G & H :) Winging around with Dad #1: And winging around with Dad...

10 14 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #5

Tickle torture, times four. Oh yes. And my favorite part here is mama's grin over her shoulder as all four zip past her.  Not to mention that the estrogen takes the race (Oh, fine, maybe it was a little bit set up... but...

10 13 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #4

Got to see these two lovelies for the second time this year.  I love how big sister is peering over to see what her little sister's got here... (love this one... wish I had this kind of pic of me with my two girls) Silly big...

10 12 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #3

Now this guy... a good sharer.  He had his one year old pictures just a few weeks ago, so he called up his cousin Z and asked her if she wanted to join him for his mini-shoot in the Public Garden last weekend.  She...

10 11 2011

Fall Public Garden Mini-shoot #2

It's so exciting when I meet up with a family I haven't seen in a while and poof, there's another family member! Poof, look how lovely :) And I am in love with this moment: And a quick shift to a more energy-filled...