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dad and his baby Archives - Page 5 of 6 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

10 26 2010

A not-so fearsome foursome

This is one family who knows how to have fun together: And when baby M had a sad time, all three of the boys were so concerned with making her feel better... The eldest: One sweet twin outside: One sweet twin...

10 19 2010

Multi-generational smiles

Big one year old C invited his grandparents to his shoot a couple of weeks ago, and it was fun from start to finish. See what I mean about fun grandparents? Wonderful seeing you guys as always! Share this...

10 03 2010

Fall Public Garden #1

What a day we had yesterday! It was a gorgeous, perfect fall day in the Public Garden for my fall mini-shoot day, and we ended up with eleven fabulous families having some fun and getting really cool pictures.  Here are a...

08 31 2010

First birthday giggles

The last time I saw this guy, it was last September and he was 3 weeks old.  (That's one of my favorite shots from last fall's shoot...) His monkey imitation: Wonderful to see you guys again!  Happy...

08 30 2010

Sqeeeeze that sister

Luckily she didn't seem to mind :) One of my dearest friends from high school is that crazy daddy over in the back of this picture, rough housing (is that one word or two?) with his munchkin - Do you believe these...

08 10 2010

Happy 1st bday, big boy!

Look at this big handsome boy! Can't believe this year went by so fast. I saw him a few times this year - when he was just 10 days old and then again when he was a big boy of 3 months old, and then just now, for his one year...

07 13 2010

Two under two, for just a bit

Big brother H I got to meet when he was a mere 12 hours old, but this time I had to wait a few days to meet new sister L - my vacation schedule got in the way :( But doing it after these guys got home from the hospital was even...

07 03 2010

A whole year

K-man's 4th shoot of the year!  We did 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and now 1 year photos this year, and I can't believe how quickly it went by. We met in the Public Garden to wrap up the year. Squish! Share this on...

06 30 2010

A pile of three

I'm continuing my new plan of less verbose blog posts - letting the photos tell their own story.  This one in the big chair, O's tongue especially, is my favorite. Share this on...