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contest Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #2: Hayden

"This photo captures for us the perfect innocence of a little baby. We especially love how his two most edible parts, his chubby cheeks and his tush, are highlighted so nicely. And really, has there ever been such a cute...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #3: This is Nat

"This is Nat, 15 months old. We took him to Phillips beach in Swampscott at the end of the shoot, stripped him down and let him go. He hadn't started walking yet, but was crawling at about 15 miles per hour. He was really...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #7: Bella

"This is one of those picture that really truly gives the saying " a picture is worth 1000 words" some real meaning. Bella was almost a year and had just started walking but when I look at this picture I had that same sense of...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #10: Sam

"Every time I look at this picture of Sam a dozen thoughts go through my head about what he is thinking. Is he wondering if it will ever stop raining? Is he looking to see if a plane is going to fly by the top of building next...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #11: Katie

"Katie is actually looking down from the top of a slide in this picture, looking down at her little sister. I love the moment Jess caught her in..."Look at me, Lila, I am a big girl..."(and the implied, "you're not") I also LOVE...

06 21 2009

Contest Submission #12: Ryan and Sammy

"Jess took this picture of my son, Ryan, and dog, Sam, when Ryan was about four months old. I love it because Jess captures Sam's sweet gentleness and Ryan's innocence in this one moment. It's perfect!-Danielle"VOTE FOR RYAN...