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catching some air Archives - Page 2 of 5 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

09 14 2011

A swinging, sliding, happy boy

I say this every year, I know, but these guys make me so happy every time I have a shoot with them.  They just ooze love out of every pore - their (now 5! year old - can't believe it, kindergartener) sweet boy is just an...

07 26 2011

My little brother is hiLARious

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures I've ever taken. Love. Love. Love. Met these cuties last weekend, when what was supposed to be a rainy day cleared up for us and allowed us to play both inside and outside. Inside we got to...

05 31 2011

What a gorgeous, wide open smile

Don't you just love how this little sweetheart opens her mouth so wide to smile for us?  With her cute little tongue peeking out? Having some fun with Dad: And then, wait, not so sure about what Dad just...

10 19 2010

Multi-generational smiles

Big one year old C invited his grandparents to his shoot a couple of weeks ago, and it was fun from start to finish. See what I mean about fun grandparents? Wonderful seeing you guys as always! Share this...

10 07 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #4

Working our way through last Saturday's mini-shoots - we're up to my 4th shoot.  I was so excited to see this little guy again... I like his roaring dinosaur imitation. With his Pop. Share this...

08 31 2010

First birthday giggles

The last time I saw this guy, it was last September and he was 3 weeks old.  (That's one of my favorite shots from last fall's shoot...) His monkey imitation: Wonderful to see you guys again!  Happy...

06 22 2010

Giggles, trains and bubbles

It was really fun to get back to see this guy - the last time I saw him he was a little round chubby babe, and now he's such a big boy. See what I mean? A big bubble together: Completely and totally upside-down.  And...

06 20 2010

That little dude can fly!

I think this one's my favorite from S's photoshoot last Wednesday - everyone's faces are so excited together: Big boy S playing inside: And this one looks like an ad for Thomas the Tank Engine, don't you think? A pretty...

06 18 2010

Mama and Daddy moments with the twins

Got some great moments with these sweet girls last week with their mom and their dad. Everybody had fun: With everybody else.  This one I just think is so pretty... And I've never taken pictures as a little one looked...

06 09 2010

Mia Hamm, the early years

So I'll admit I don't know much about soccer, but I am sure there are soccer players out there who have signature moves, and whose signature moves started early, when they were really young. Big brother D and his little sister S...

06 05 2010

Chicken fight!

Just kidding - not really a chicken fight.  But so cute anyway :) Mama and her handsome little man: Dad tossing his sweet girl in the air.  Don't you love the way the light frames her here? And then a girlie...

06 03 2010

Curly girl

The last time I saw this big girl Z she didn't have hair, and now she has a gorgeous curly top of rings: These guys all met me in the Boston Public Garden for my mini-shoot day.  They were my 11th shoot of the day, and their...

05 21 2010

Bunker Hill Monument - yeah!

When 4 year old C ran at top speed to the top of these stairs at the Bunker Hill Monument last Saturday, I followed behind as quickly as I could (even after doing Aaron Washburn's Dorchester Boot Camp all week... sore legs and...

04 26 2010

These two have such fun

These guys were in the 11th spot of the day on my charity fundraiser Public Garden family mini-shoot day, and they were incredible.  It was fun for me to meet a new family - and these two kids have such a great time together. ...