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brothers Archives - Page 4 of 8 - Boston Baby Photos Blog

08 31 2011

Matching boys

Love this :) As I was editing these I started to notice a handful of moments when the boys were doing exactly the same thing at the same time.  So cool... And... Just so handsome: The littlest lawn mower: The...

07 20 2011

Ten shoots in!

I'm in my ninth year as a baby photographer (in May 2012 I start my 10th year!), and these guys are the first family to hit the ten shoots mark. Congrats, guys!  I have loved each and every shoot we've had over the years, and...

06 14 2011

Two gorgeous boys under two

I met these handsome boys two weekends ago, big 22 month old brother P, and little three week old brother N; and I was so impressed by how much attention P was lavishing on N.  I can only imagine the buddies they're going to...

04 26 2011

A little lady joins the boys

I haven't seen these guys since little brother C was born, but now he's big brother C - to a beautiful little bow-wearing sister :) Introductions all around - biggest boy R: Newly minted, formerly little, now "big"...

11 21 2010

A visit from the left coast

I've been a terrible blogger this month, I'm so sorry.  I'm rushing to get everyone's photos edited and out to them as fast as I can, and that often means sacrificing the blog posts, and I'm sorry about that. So Evan and I...

11 18 2010

Three scooter-riding airplane fliers

I don't usually start a blog post with a family shot, but this one says so much about this super fun family, I love it. Best expression ever - and love littlest brother A in the background, also pointing his airplane to the...

11 12 2010

Five and seven, obviously

These guys are SO five and seven. :) Handsome as the dickens... And super fun to boot. Sometimes on the way to get a cute picture like this... get some (more?) fabulous ones along the way. So happy to...

10 12 2010

Fall Public Garden mini-shoot #10

So glad you guys met me in the Garden!  (I've done tons of shoot for these guys over the years, and it was so fun to do a location session, now that the boys are older and happy running around outside.) By far my fave :) I...

05 31 2010

Big boys with their new baby sister

These crazies were my 6th mini-shoot in the Boston Public Garden on the 23rd, and they had a blast: Look at handsome big brother J - getting so grown up!  Do you believe the eyelashes? And now little brother A has become...

05 26 2010

Party of six (and I mean party...)

Pardon the blog title... can you tell I've been watching the finale of Lost as I edit these photos?  I've got Party of Five on the brain (Lost's Jack was Charlie on Pof5 back in the day).  But that's neither here nor there. I...

05 25 2010

Two sweet boys and a few momma hugs

We were supposed to be taking pictures of just the boys, but I couldn't help getting a few with their mom in them too.  I love this one: Aren't they handsome dudes? The big brother hug - just a leeeetle too tight... And...

05 21 2010

Bunker Hill Monument - yeah!

When 4 year old C ran at top speed to the top of these stairs at the Bunker Hill Monument last Saturday, I followed behind as quickly as I could (even after doing Aaron Washburn's Dorchester Boot Camp all week... sore legs and...

04 28 2010


Nothing beats a mom and her baby shot, in my mind.  Nothing. Do you believe big brother C with his little 10 week old brother here?  They see us pinching those sweet cheeks all the time, it's hard for them not to do it,...