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category: preschool
Social Distancing Nursery School Photos
06 07 2020

Social Distancing Nursery School Photos

The very first thing I did when it started to look like it would be OK for me to leave my house and take photos outside again (from a safe distance, with a mask and gloves on) was to reach out to my favorite nursery...

category: preschool
Nursery school picture day makes me smile
05 01 2019

Nursery school picture day makes me smile

What do you remember about Nursery School? Perhaps it's a faint and distant memory, covered in playdough. But for anyone who has ever parented a preschooler, you know it's an active time. Nursery School Picture Day should reflect...

category: preschool
Boston nursery school photographer fun
04 04 2018

Boston nursery school photographer fun

Does your neighborhood have a preschool where generations of kids pass through and become a part of a family? Isn't it the best?I’ve done studio style photos for the students at Ashmont Nursery School every year since my kids...

04 07 2015

Nursery School photo day amazingness

It's that time of year! This was my 7th annual school photo day at the fabulous Ashmont Nursery School, and it was divine, as always. Of course, the truth is that it's now June 1st and I'm finally just taking the time to blog...

05 24 2013

Spring Public Garden Minishoot #15

I was thrilled to meet this 3 year old guy last weekend on my 2nd minishoot day of the spring. They were my 3rd session that day, and he came ready to have fun. I love 3 year old energy - he was nonstop. But that means soooo many...

05 08 2013

Spring Public Garden Minishoot #7

For this minishoot shoot we had a lot of fun with this gorgeous group of pink tulips over in the corner of the Public Garden. In color the photos are gorgeous, but there's also something really incredible about them in b&w -...

06 09 2010

Go big or go home

I just looked through this handful of my favorite shots from this session, and they reminded me of that expression "go big, or go home".  These adorable girls had big expressions for the whole session.  Look first at these BIG...

05 31 2010

A girl and her bubble wand

I love how big and gorgeous G has gotten since the last time I saw her!  Her curls are killer, too. She had incredible focus on her bubbles - loved chasing them around the garden... Love as she bites her tongue as she...

04 16 2010

Two lovely ladies at the Public Garden

This marks the first of a dozen or so Public Garden sessions from last weekend that I'll be blogging over the next couple of weeks.  Sunday was such an incredible day for photos, I had such a great time getting photos of all...

03 06 2010

Nursery School Photography? Sure.

When my older daughter started nursery school last year, I heard from her school that they were interested in trying something different for the school photos.  They asked me to go for it, and last year I did, and it was...

01 08 2010

You spin me right round, baby

As I went back through these pictures to choose my favorites, tons of the ones that made me smile the most had 4 year old N upside-down. She had such fun getting tossed around during our pictures last weekend, it was the...

12 16 2009

Season of giving

You know what's funny? Location shooting with two kids in tow when it's 30 degrees out and you're losing the light. Well, actually, I don't know if funny is the right word. ;)Normally I'd never bring my own kids on a photoshoot...