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dad and his baby Archives - Boston Baby Photos Blog

06 13 2015

Ten days old and just so squeezable

Look who arrived on his due date! This incredibly perfect little person joined Amy and Jason just about two weeks ago, and the joy in their house is palpable. So much love. And apologies in advance - this is wayyyy too many...

11 15 2013

A little tennis-playing smiley guy

Come on now, with the cuteness? Is this fair? This guy was only two weeks old when we took these pictures, and he was grinning up a storm. Newborn smiles crack me up so much - they're so random and sweet and we grownups love them...

09 30 2011

3 weeks of dog kisses

Now it's possible Harry the fabulous black lab was overly affectionate during my visit last Friday, but it's also possible he showers his new sister E with this many kisses all day every day.  He is enamored, and I think it's...

11 09 2010

Big happy sis, leetle sweet brudda

Favorite, favorite, favorite!  I love this one so much. But this one's pretty great too. Wait, wait, I actually love this one a lot too. The curls on big sister aren't to be believed. And the grins on little brother...

08 26 2010

Running and giggling

Having a hard time choosing a favorite of these two girls from a few weeks ago.  We started out at their house near the Boston Public Garden, and the inside ones are so sweet... Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we have a...

04 26 2010

These two have such fun

These guys were in the 11th spot of the day on my charity fundraiser Public Garden family mini-shoot day, and they were incredible.  It was fun for me to meet a new family - and these two kids have such a great time together. ...

02 10 2010

A new brother makes two

When you're two and a half, your new brother's toes in your face are pretty hilarious: S's new brother J is just getting to the point where the smiles are flowing freely - we got tons of them during our photoshoot: A...

12 11 2009

A one year old book loving monkey

As I was looking back through this photoshoot from Tuesday, trying to pick my favorite shots for the blog, two themes emerged with this big one year old girl. Before I get into themes and all that "I'm working on my homework for...

11 16 2009

Daddy, can I chew your nose?

My six month old is doing the same thing little Z is doing here in this picture - she's chewing anything and everything she can get in her mouth. It's as if she's saying, "Daddy, I've got these teeth coming in, and they're...

11 10 2009

Reeses and playtime

So I've developed a little obsession with this picture as I've been editing them... I want a Resees Cup! I love E's expression as she anticipates the next bite :)Here are the two cuties together - great expressions here,...

10 03 2009

Two under two

I always have to hand it to families who go for the two under two thing - it is so much work, and though I'm sure the rewards are innumerable, I'm always just straight up impressed by them. This fun family was no different. Big...

08 12 2009

Welcoming a boy into the crew

I've been taking pictures of these guys since big girl A was just a babe (do I start too many blog posts this way? I'm sorry, I just LOVE this part of my work - seeing babies grow)... But we saw the arrival of little sister R,...

06 29 2009

A new sister, complete with cute toes

A quick break from the contest... I got to go meet new baby S last Friday, and I'm excited to show her parents these sweet photos. I've been taking pictures of big brother M since he was a newborn, just the same size as his new...

04 23 2009

Oh OK, one more shoot...

So I'm technically on maternity leave, due with my 2nd little girl in a week.  But the wonderful Steve Roslonek (of SteveSongs and PBSkids fame) and his fantastic wife Lori were in town for a show with their gorgeous 18...

10 21 2008

7 months old and super giggly

B loved it when his dad tickled him - aren't the rolls the best here?And I'm in love with this shot for some reason - the light across his cheeks and around those fantastic arms is so pretty:A nice daddy moment:And I love how B's...