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category: color, new baby
Westwood, MA: The third sister arrives
11 27 2019

Westwood, MA: The third sister arrives

I got to know these two older sisters when THEY were tinier and newer, so I was excited to be invited to document some photos of them a few weeks ago. Because now...The third sister arrives!I love this fake snoozing shot - so...

category: family photos, new baby
Medford, MA: And baby makes three sisters
10 23 2019

Medford, MA: And baby makes three sisters

The hair color for these three sisters and their family means I have to do this new sister's arrival photoshoot blog post in color - it's just too fabulous!These big sisters were just so excited to hang out with their new sister...

category: older children
2020 Who I Am Project: Changes and news
10 09 2019

2020 Who I Am Project: Changes and news

OK, so you know how you do things and then you tweak them and you figure out what works? And then you make changes and you keep going?That's what's happening with my Who I Am Project. Because here's the thing.I ADORE IT.I mean,...

category: color, toddler
Sharon, MA - Summer doughnuts #ftw
09 25 2019

Sharon, MA - Summer doughnuts #ftw

One of my favorite things is just letting mamas lead the way for photoshoots. I mean, the reality is - they know their kids, right?So this little madame here was just LOVING on her bottle of lotion... couldn't get her to put it...

category: backyard, older children
Newport, RI - Vacation photoshoot FTW
09 11 2019

Newport, RI - Vacation photoshoot FTW

It was the middle of the summer when I hopped in my hot little Honda and toodled down Rt 24 to Newport, RI to meet up with these guys for photos during their week of vacation.Vacation photoshootI love doing that, meeting for...

category: baby photos, inside, multiple children
Canton, MA - And baby makes four
09 04 2019

Canton, MA - And baby makes four

It was late July when I arrived to meet these four cuties for photos - they were so willing to hang out and play together, I just adored it. It was a welcome to the family to baby B and she was all for it!I just love these...

category: news
Summer Blogging Break Time!
08 04 2019

Summer Blogging Break Time!

It's time for a break - I'm still shooting in August but I'm taking the month off from my self-imposed "every Wednesday at 6pm" blogging timeline. Don't you fret - I know you build your week around when my posts come out -...