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category: toddler
Dorchester, MA: One year later
07 22 2020

Dorchester, MA: One year later

One year ago I met this tiny little guy. He was just perfection! Here are a few shots from our newborn session at home last year.And his dad reminded me that there were gorgeous hydrangea on the table when we did photos in their...

category: preschool
Social Distancing Nursery School Photos
06 07 2020

Social Distancing Nursery School Photos

The very first thing I did when it started to look like it would be OK for me to leave my house and take photos outside again (from a safe distance, with a mask and gloves on) was to reach out to my favorite nursery...

category: infant, new baby
Social Distancing Outdoor Baby Minishoot
05 19 2020

Social Distancing Outdoor Baby Minishoot

OK, I'll admit it. I was nervous, anticipating this photoshoot the other day.I haven't been nervous on my way to a photoshoot in a long time. It was kind of exciting, actually. I had this nervous energy bubbling on my way...

category: news
Social Distancing Outdoor Minishoots
05 18 2020

Social Distancing Outdoor Minishoots

I have a plan for the way I’m going to work for the remainder of this spring (and likely through the summer, fall.. etc.) and I’m actually pretty excited about it.To bring some joy into our new, Coronavirus-Aware lives, I am...