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category: news
Mom Empowerment Photoshoots
12 10 2020

Mom Empowerment Photoshoots

I feel like junk these days, I don’t know about you. I’ve been eating terribly, I stopped exercising (because, well, 2020), and I just kind of feel like - so what? What’s the point? I’m never seeing anyone in person...

category: backyard, family photos
Newton, MA: Their fourth joins the team
09 09 2020

Newton, MA: Their fourth joins the team

I hadn't seen this crew in a few years - since their #3 brother was just a wee one... but I was thrilled to hear from them this summer when they decided it was time to document #4!She'd arrived last fall, and summer's warm days...

category: toddler
Dorchester, MA: One year later
07 22 2020

Dorchester, MA: One year later

One year ago I met this tiny little guy. He was just perfection! Here are a few shots from our newborn session at home last year.And his dad reminded me that there were gorgeous hydrangea on the table when we did photos in their...