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As part of my fun new teaching-parents-to-take-great-photos-of-their-toddlers course (aka my new Summer Iconic – my little online training that I’ve been developing this year as part of my new “The Iconic Set by Boston Baby Photos(TM)” idea), I’m finding myself recommending products that parents might want to buy this summer as they’re taking photos of their 1 and 2 year olds.

I include all these links in the course of course, but Amazon says if I’m going to have affiliate links I need them to be published somewhere publicly, too, so win-win, y’all. 

So here we go…

The frames I’m loving:

These frames come in a set of 3, which is perfect for the Summer Iconic since we’re learning to take three iconic photos of our toddlers this summer (the last time I looked these frames were about $8 each?). I also love that the front piece of acrylic connects to the back piece of acrylic with magnets, and your photo just slips into the middle – so it’s super easy to use. It also just looks really high end and lovely sitting on a table anywhere. I created some downloadable graphic backers that say “Summer 2024” that you can cut out and put on the back of your photo in the frame if you do the Summer Iconic course – I like remembering what year photos are taken. 



The water table of all water tables:

This particular water table I borrowed from one of my photo clients for filming the course, and I loved it! I picked it up from her house, packed it into the back seat of my car (it’s big!) and brought it to our shoot location. It’s not cheap, it’s nearly $80 the last time I looked – but I know from experience that it’s one of the best things you can have at your home for a one or two year old as summer approaches. Something that keeps them busy while you sit still? Priceless.

In my job I see a lot of water tables, and this one’s sturdy, the right size for this age range… and it has this nice feature of that top tray where the kids can pour water and it falls in a really pretty way – so you can photograph them through the water as it drips. Nice bonus!

The best bubble stuff:

When you want bubble stuff, it’s insane how many actual stores you have to go to to find it. You feel like you see it all the time, but then when you realize you don’t have any at home, you can’t think which nearby store has it… and then you go to an actual store, and they have some weird cheap kind that you’re not sure’s gonna work… Here’s the good quality bubble stuff I got.

A sweet little watering can that one and two year old toddlers can hold easily:

Not much to explain here – I’m just a fan of tiny watering cans and this one’s sweet and good quality and somewhat overpriced but what isn’t these days?

A baby pool that’s just the right size (aka pretty tiny) for one and two year old toddlers:

This one’s a nice simple color for photos, reflects light up onto faces, and has a low edge for entry for littles. It’s also like $11 (sorry about the plastic, environment).

I’ll keep adding to this list as I come up with more ideas!

xo Jess

P.S. Wondering what the Summer Iconic online videos course thing is that I mentioned? It’s super awesome and amazing and you should TOTALLY get it if you have a one or two year old at home.

You can learn which three photos you should take of your toddler this summer by watching my free 15 minute workshop that you can find here, or if you already know that you want me by your side all summer with tips and tricks and super cute videos and tips sheets training you, you can buy the course here (and use code CRAZYTODDLER to get $10 off your purchase price because you’re so sweet to read all the way to the end of this blog post.)

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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