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We did it!

Drumroll, please.

Together with you incredible, wonderful friends, the #fusiondollsjunechallenge was a super-awesome wonderful success.  If you want to read a little background info, my blog post about it is here: - but now I get to tell you the fun part.

fusion dolls june challenge results

The results

As a team we were able to donate 94 Fusion Dolls to St. Mary's Center for Women and Children in Dorchester. Some people who took part in the challenge gave two dolls (for $125) and some chose to get one Fusion Doll for a child they love and then to donate a second doll (for that same $125).

Do you believe it?

Do you believe we were able to donate...

94 dolls?!

I mean, I was hoping for 50, and in the back of our minds Widline and I were daydreaming about 100... but wow! 94. We are just so grateful to everyone who took part in the challenge.

What a great way to really shout it out -- because it's true...

Representation Matters!

And it matters to every kid, no matter where they're living at this moment. St. Mary's or elsewhere, kiddos deserve dolls like this to love and hug.

So thank you. Want to see some pictures of that day?

My 11 year old daughter Sadie and I started off the day at our kitchen counter, talking about the June Challenge on Instagram live with Widline, the founder of Fusion Dolls. You might want to follow her / Fusion Dolls on Instagram, by the way -- she's awesome.

fusion dolls june challenge results

So Sadie and I met Widline at St. Mary's... and Sadie, a budding photographer in her own right, took my phone and took some pictures of me taking pictures of Widline...

fusion dolls june challenge results

Look at all those dolls in that box! There are 54 there, and the additional 40 are en route. Covid shipping delays - grrr... but we should be able to bring the other 40 over by the end of the summer - will keep you posted on the second delivery date... because I know that's fun to know about...

fusion dolls june challenge results

And then this second, more closeup shot - I love this one of Widline!!

fusion dolls june challenge results

And thank goodness Widline's brother Eli was there to lift this insanely fabulously heavy box - we could have managed it the two of us, of course, but Eli was kind enough to do the heavy lifting.

I've said it before but it bears repeating - the dolls themselves are just such high quality, lovely, heavy dolls - they feel so sturdy and high-quality when you hold them. But this means that a box of 54 of them?? Not light. Ha!

So thanks, Eli!!

fusion dolls june challenge results

And thanks to you all. Yay for the June Challenge!

UPDATE - JULY 30, 2020

Today we got to go back. I brought my other daughter as my wingman this time - she got to help Widline carry the boxes of the other 40 dolls in from her car:

And we snapped a few more photos by the sign...

And did one last celebratory photo of the two of us - thank you Annie for taking our photo!

Oh, and for carrying the big box of dolls 😉

Yay team!!

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