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When I arrived for this family's new brother photoshoot in Back Bay a few weeks ago (wait, I'm looking at a calendar... it was whoh, it was AUGUST when we shot this! How did time fly so quickly? OK, to be fair, it was the end of August and now it's the beginning of November so we can round down and say it was two months ago... but wow, time flies this time of year...) OK, so when I arrived, big sister A didn't feel quite herself. She had a stuffy nose, and everyone was a little worried about how things were going to go.

They shouldn't have been concerned - everyone was fantastic!

Got some snuggle time in... and miss A got to try putting boots on her new brother J... he seemed nonplussed. 😉

I do love these mama and her boy and daddy and his boy pictures - such sweet expressions!

But wait, after Daddy and his boy and I were finished grabbing some pictures, I came around the corner and found this scene unfolding. Madame big sisteryness going to town on some nail polish for herself and for mama. It absolutely melted me!

And then Miss A put on her rain boots (as you do) and proceeded to take daddy out onto the deck for some BUBBLES. Yaaaaaas.

All in all, sniffles were no big deal! Welcome sweet new brother.

Wonderful t0 meet you guys. So glad we got a chance to do photos!

Interested in new brother photos this fall? I save spots in my (fully booked) schedule for newborns, let me know if you want to talk about timing. 

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