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I’m excited to announce that today I hung the 10 Years of Boston Baby Photos Gallery Show in another library! This time in the Boston Public Library’s South End Branch for the month of October. The press release for the show sounds really official. It says:

The gallery show celebrates 10 years of McDaniel’s work as a baby photographer, whose specialty is capturing warm, natural and spontaneous family moments. This show highlights her black and white photography, allowing the photos and the light to tell the story, from parents marveling at their newborn to a just-sitting-up-baby examining her tummy to toddler siblings giggling at each others’ antics. The gallery show is curated into ten thematic categories and features 100 photos.  
“Planning this show has been such a labor of love; it was a matter of digging through thousands of families’ photoshoots from the last decade, considering them as part of a body of work… by far the best part was remembering all these families having fun together,” said McDaniel, who photographs 160-180 families a year throughout the greater Boston area.  “I love that each family has a different story to tell. I know how important it is to tell (and show) these stories in my photos.”

This branch is located right smack dab in the South End, at the corner of Tremont and W. Newton Streets.

As you enter the library, they’ve kindly hung up my posters, and you can see a bit of the show through that first window as you enter… Oh, and notice in this poster that I’m doing an opening for the show next Tuesday night, October 8th, from 6-8pm.  I really hope you can swing by and join me for some wine and cheese. The street address of the library is 685 Tremont Street, Boston.

If you can’t make the opening, I hope you’ll stop by sometime between now and the end of October when the library is open to see the show.

Then, as you enter the library, you can catch sight of the show over the stacks…

The space is gorgeous, and the ten categories of photos look pretty spectacular on the walls.  Here are the first three categories that appear at one side of the gallery…

And then when you look left, you see the little table of marketing shtuff (next to the nice bin collecting the books that have been returned)…

And then when you come around the corner, you walk through the rest of the show, category by category…

This one was hard to get good photos of, since there were lots of people working around the show, and I didn’t want to bother them with my snap snapping pictures.  So I guess the best plan if you really want to see what it looks like is to come see me at the library on Tues, 10/8 between 6-8pm for the opening. Mmm… wine and cheese…




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