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Those of you who know my work know that I’m a black & white kinda gal.  I love stripping color out of a moment, letting light, and expressions, and emotion tell the story.  I know we all love to see the pink in our children’s cheeks and the color of those eyes… but when a picture is in color, I find that our first inclination is to experience the color.  After we soak in the color, we are able to start seeing the kids, the story, the fun…

But, everybody’s allowed to change it up, right? Once in a while the day outside (when I’m blogging) is too gloomy, too wet, too gray.  I’m having one of those days, and the two blog posts I’m going to do this morning are going to perk me right up.  And I trust that all you guys will be able to look beyond the (INCREDIBLE) color in these photos and see the joy – the very essence of boy-ness – that bursts out of these two cutie pies.  This post also gives some nice examples of the difference between an in home session (this one was an in-home session) and a mini-session.  I know I blog a lot of mini-sessions in the Public Garden each year, but the majority of my work is still in families’ homes.  With minis we don’t have as much time to get the variety of photos that you see here.

All that color/b&w talk aside, just to be clear – I do always provide all the photos from every session in both b&w and color.  I tend to adore the b&w indoor shots (especially when it’s babies we’re looking at) but I do appreciate the color outdoor shots (especially when children are old enough to walk and play outdoors).

So, enough yapping. I adored seeing these guys again – the last time was when C was still in his mama’s belly.  And the tree in their yard?  Gorgeous-o yellow with mama’s pops of red in the clothes. Good on ya.


  • Amanda
    Nov 07 2012
    My favorite is the one with both boys on the couch.
  • Maria
    Nov 07 2012
    I agree! Handsome little guys on couch with happy faces :D

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