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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Now about two and a half years ago I took pictures of this extraordinary big sister, but I did it at her grandma’s house, as a surprise for her parents. She’s a strong, amazing 5 year old with some special needs, and now she’s a fantastic big sister to her new brother B. I loved taking pictures at her home this time with her parents and her brother.

First we’ll introduce little B – he’s 3 months old:

And he gets a real kick out of his dad:

Speaking of dad – with Father’s Day coming up this weekend I had to include this one for you guys.  Look at that arm strength on little Miss – giving a real big strong hug.

The moment between mom and dad here was so perfect, I had to include it.  I love the way they’re looking at each other.

Now on to Miss H – with her infectious smile:

Over mama’s shoulder:

And everybody flying:

I really love this moment, too, as Mama watches H practicing her walking with Daddy:

And last but not least, the sprinkler. Nothing beats the sprinkler in the summer!  SO fun to see you guys again.



  • Natalie
    Jun 13 2012
    Jess the pictures look GREAT!!!! I also love the picture of Tom and I looking at each other at the park. What a perfect moment that I didn't realize you captured. I'm glad you got Miss H's personality in the pictures! Your amazing and look forward to doing this again!
  • Kim Soper
    Kim Soper
    Jun 13 2012
    Love these pics!
  • cheryl
    Jun 13 2012
    Absolutely Amazing Photo's. :)
  • Vince
    Jun 13 2012
    These are awesome photos. Such a great family!
  • Erin H.
    Erin H.
    Jun 14 2012
    These pictures are beyond perfect! I know and love this family, and this series definitely catches their love and happiness!

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