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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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This was my first pre-adoption photoshoot!  These two fun, wonderful women are going through the adoption process, and one of the requests from the agency was that they create a book about their lives that could be shown to prospective birth mothers.  So I got to come in and document their life pre-baby.  Kind of like a maternity shoot, only nobody in the pictures happens to be carrying their baby 🙂

Aren’t they adorable?

And their cool pad, ready and waiting for its newest member…

And we can’t forget big brother Charlie:

Loving these expressions – but also included this to make all the families with young kids out there chuckle… Do you think they know their days reading the paper at the same time are numbered? (I think they have an inkling.)

Fruit salad, of course 🙂

Go get it, Charlie!

You guys are the best.  I loved taking these, and I wait with bated breath for news that your baby has arrived.



  • Susan Kostinieris
    Susan Kostinieris
    Jun 01 2012
    As the Nana of these 3 great kids I feel I can still be objective about the pics. Fabulous job, you captured the essence of all. They love their new brother and that shines through in all the photos.
  • maggie hays
    maggie hays
    Jun 01 2012
    Love these--good job,really,really sweet! Can't imagine anyone not picking them,although I may be somewhat prejudiced(I sure hope that's the correct spelling)--
  • Jeanne Smith Jacobs
    Jeanne Smith Jacobs
    Jun 01 2012
    I am excited that Nia and Liza are adopting and feel that you did a good job capturing their spirit. Well done!
  • Cory M.
    Cory M.
    Jun 01 2012
    These are amazing - about as amazing as Nia and Liza! So excited for baby Hays :) Love you guys!
  • The Muncobs
    The Muncobs
    Jun 01 2012
    Yay Tias! We are so excited for you guys and these are very "you" :)
  • Maggie
    Jun 25 2012
    These are great and I couldn't have thought of a better lady to capture you guys so naturally. This is gonna be one lucky kiddo!

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