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People will often tell me how great their two year olds are with their new siblings, and it’s often true – there’s this wonderful fascination a two year old has with the baby who’s joined the family.  Their fascinated moments are often brief, though, and transition into more dangerous ones (squashing, poking… just general baby endangerment – all parents are familiar with it).  So it’s up to me to capture those brief moments of fascination.  This photoshoot was really fun for me because big 2 year old sister S (whom I met almost exactly two years ago for her newborn pictures) really loved investigating her new brother A.  She was curious and loving throughout the session…

But we did get to spend time with just S at the beginning:

And then A joined us:

Grinning right away with Daddy:

And gazing adoringly at S:

And a lovely, gentle look at his mama.  What a handsome boy!

We even got three generations of ladies:

With the blanket in her mouth – her most comforting lovey (which was purchased two years ago for her first photoshoot – I love stuff like that):

And one last squeeze of the hand before I let you go.  What a treat!



  • Marjorie
    Mar 01 2012
    This as as heartwarming as it gets. What fabulous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Your children are simply beautiful.

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