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Perhaps the best yawn picture EVER.

And maybe the best hand/wrist/mid-arm etc. rolls too.  Delish.

Now I normally have an aversion to upside-down pictures of babies lying down for some reason.  I think they can be confusing to look at, as a viewer, but this one makes me smile so much I had to include it.  Come on now, isn’t he incredible?

Again, breaking my upside-down rule.  But loving this one too.  (I guess J’s not officially upside-down here, but the way his parents are looking at him is upside-down, and I sometimes find this doesn’t work, but this one totally does.)

Love the wall decor 🙂

Mama’s hilarious.

So fun to meet you guys, thanks for having me out!


  • Lana
    Oct 31 2011
    Isn't my nephew yummy??!!!! Fabulous photos- thanks for these! We will cherish them for years to come :)
  • John Klemeyer
    John Klemeyer
    Oct 31 2011
    I know he looks just like his Grandpa. He will have to live with that. I was cute then too but not this cute. Great pics. Grandpa John

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