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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2018 marked my 15th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Now this guy…

…is a good sharer.  He had his one year old pictures just a few weeks ago, so he called up his cousin Z and asked her if she wanted to join him for his mini-shoot in the Public Garden last weekend.  She said, “Oh, cuz. Totally.”  Her mama and daddy joined her:

Love this up in the air with mama in the corner one:

Handsome as ever:

Jennie can always be counted on for the goofy faces 🙂

The generous C-man thought that since he’d shared his mini-shoot, that Z should understand that this meant he retained all rights to any and all balls/fun equipment to be used at said shoot.  Z wasn’t as into this idea.

They discussed it…  C even let Z inspect the ball.

And after these guys squeezed all the fun that they could out of the ball, they moved on to snack time.

“Um, C? Whatcha got in there? k’I have one?”

Really fun to see you guys and meet more family!  Thanks for a great mini-shoot 🙂


  • Proud Mama
    Proud Mama
    Oct 12 2011
    So excited to have these two together to remember always! :)
  • Norma Jean
    Norma Jean
    Oct 12 2011
    I can't handle it!! adorable, love them!
  • liz r
    liz r
    Oct 12 2011
    two beautiful babes in the park. Love, love, love!!
  • Janet Bendowitz
    Janet Bendowitz
    Oct 12 2011
    What a perfect rendezvous! Gorgeous photos to preserve the memories. Nana
  • Christine S
    Christine S
    Oct 12 2011
    They are adorable! What great pictures!
  • Catherine B
    Catherine B
    Oct 12 2011
    love, love, love!
  • Maryellen Connors
    Maryellen Connors
    Oct 13 2011
    Loved them all - where was the guitar man?! XO, Mln C's
  • Julie
    Oct 19 2011
    These are wonderful! Love the captions!

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