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So much history, so little space on the blog.  My college roommate’s kids are getting bigger and bigger, and last weekend we did pictures to mark little sister K’s passage into the year-and-a-half era – just as we’d done for big boy N a few years ago.  We didn’t torture her with making her crawl nude across the beach as we’d done to her brother, but she was happy to play bubbles outside with her three favorite people.

Antique firetruck fun:

And then the bubbles came out…

This is so cool.

My brother is so good at blowing bubbles, LOOK!

Pretty lady.

Dad’s got some skeeels too…

Wonderful to see you guys, I’m so glad we did this 🙂


  • sharon ewing
    sharon ewing
    Aug 15 2011
    Jess, you are a true artist! These are terrific and I can only imagine how difficult it is to get two children looking good at the same time!

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