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OK – coolest aunt plan ever.  Pick up niece on Friday at home in Connecticut.  Bring her up to Boston for an auntie/niece weekend extravaganza – including an overnight at a snazzy hotel, and a morning photoshoot in the Public Garden.  Friday even included mani/pedis, I hear.

All right other aunts out there, time to step it up, Jen’s currently leading all of the rest of us in the race-to-be-coolest.  It was her beautiful niece J that she brought to the shoot, and they just had such fun together.

Had to memorialize the pedicure —

Isn’t she lovely?

She had the most energy, too – she ran like the dickens all around the Public Garden, getting herself into cool spots for pictures and then zipping away.  (By the way, that expression “running like the dickens” is making me smile and think of my grandmother. But I digress.)

Had to show you one where you could really see her incredible eyes:


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  • Linda
    Apr 10 2011
    These photos are so amazing it is hard to choose favorites. You have captured the true essence of Julia and of the fun auntie and niece had during your shoot. Thanks for a job beautifully done.
  • Karen
    Apr 17 2011
    Beautiful photos and memories as well I'm sure, for both auntie and niece!
  • Charlie
    Apr 19 2011
    Love these photos...brings my family closer to me...thanks

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