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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Thanks for visiting the Photo/Story Contest. Have fun reading the stories and vote for your favorite ones by clicking on the “comments” link here on the blog below the post and entering a quick comment. The photo/story with the most comments posted by 10pm on Thursday, March 31th wins! The winning family will receive a free custom photobook from Boston Baby Photos.

Keep checking back – I’ll be posting submissions as they’re sent to me, so lots more photo/stories to come! Scroll down this page for new entries, I’m posting them below here.

Official Photo/Story Contest Rules for Submissions (entries will be accepted until Monday, March 14th at midnight):

1) The photo you submit has to have been taken by me, Jessica McDaniel
2) The photo you submit has to have been taken at an in-home photoshoot or Public Garden mini-shoot.  This means studio-style photos Jess does for some nursery schools aren’t eligible, I’m sorry.
3) The photo you submit has to be black and white

Official Photo/Story Contest Rules for Voting (votes will be accepted until 10pm on Thursday, March 31st):

1) Please be honest and only vote (comment) one time for each photo/story that you like.  Feel free to vote for more than one if you’d like to.
2) You are welcome to vote for your own post. Just once, though 🙂
3) I will be moderating the comments/votes that come through, so there may be a delay before your vote appears on the blog. I realize it will be possible for one person to “stuff the ballot box” by commenting many times on one post, but don’t do that — we’re all friends here. Let’s be fair, OK?
and last…
4) Have fun!


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