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I have an ABSURD number of blog photos to show you from this mini-shoot. Well, it all would have been normal, I would have 6-8 photos to show you if this crazy fun little dude hadn’t jumped in the fountain.  And if his crazy fun parents hadn’t LET him. And if he hadn’t gotten all drippy wet.  And then gone to hug his parents, so they got all wet.  It was just plain great.

(Oh, and this one cracks me up because I’m normally so picky about making sure you can see everyone’s faces in pictures like this, and it’s just so blatantly the opposite.  Makes me smile.)

Hehe.  And nothing beats a little blunder picture – when J’s hand slipped out of mama’s!  No injury, I promise, though.

See why I had to post all these? Forgive me – I had to do it.  Great to see you guys!

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  • Jewel
    Oct 11 2010
    Plain great, indeed! I love the water images!
  • Jeanmarie
    Oct 12 2010
    These are just awesome!! Is one going to be your Christmas card??

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