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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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These two little girls are waiting, waiting, waiting soooo patiently for their little sister or brother to arrive.  And I’m going to try a blog post with a lot fewer words.  Let’s see how this goes.  I feel like the pictures tell enough of a story…

Wait, but just one more thing. Isn’t this a neat family shot, and do you believe Ali (mom) is due in 3 weeks, but still lifting 3 year old L high in the sky? Putting the rest of us to shame, girlie!


  • Pat Rana
    Pat Rana
    Jun 30 2010
    The pictures are so beautiful. What great photography with so much creativity. My favorites are the 1st two and 7,8 and 9. Ali, I think you are having a boy. You look fabulous and the girls are so beautiful. Nick you are just a big kid and fabulous too! Pat
  • Janet Corrado
    Janet Corrado
    Jun 30 2010
    What wonderful pictures. You have a beautiful family!
  • Jan Norsigian
    Jan Norsigian
    Jun 30 2010
    What a beautiful family. The pictures tell the story! Ali, I think you're having a boy also. Such natural pictures without the look of a pose!
  • Bonnalee
    Jun 30 2010
    I enjoyed looking through the photos sooo much. I especially love the family photos- they were incredible! The girls holding Mommy's belly & aren't all Daddy's tickle monsters!? The girls have grown so much. They looked like they had a blast during the photo shoot! The girls aren't the only ones waiting to see if they have a little sister or a little brother! Can't wait to find out!
  • Karen Hastings
    Karen Hastings
    Jun 30 2010
    Beautiful family! Picture 8 is my favorite. It's so nice having a sister. You can tell how much they'll enjoy each other as they grow. I'm going to throw my 2 cents worth in as well. I've thought all along you're having a boy, and my instincts were right when I had Zach.
  • Colleen Tebo
    Colleen Tebo
    Jun 30 2010
    What beautiful photos!I love the picture of the girls sitting on the stonewall. It looks like they are telling each other a secrect.
  • Gigi
    Jun 30 2010
    Great job, Jess!
  • Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson
    Jul 01 2010
    Such a beautiful and joyful family! I couldn't help but smile and imagine the giggles. Can't wait to see number 3 - boy or girl will just add to the sweet mixture. The photos are wonderful - so natural. I couldn't pick a favorite - loved them all!
  • Denise Nephew
    Denise Nephew
    Jul 01 2010
    The pictures are amazing. Your photographer really captured it. Katie & Lila are so adorable, I love their smiles. Nick & Ali, you have a beautiful family. We are so happy for you. Ali looks fabulous. Good luck. PS. We noticed Bilbo in the picture. He is adorable too! Thank you for sharing. Denise
  • Kathy Foster
    Kathy Foster
    Jul 01 2010
    The pure joy on everyone's faces is incredible. Wonderful photography to capture that and what wonderful memories are being created. How fortunate to be growing again.
  • Barbara
    Jul 02 2010
    These are totally awesome picures! Your photographer is wonderful!
  • Mary Senseney
    Mary Senseney
    Jul 05 2010
    These photos are beautiful! It will be so hard to narrow down your choices because they are all great.
  • Faith Cameron
    Faith Cameron
    Jul 06 2010
    The pictures are gorgeous! I don't know how you can ever chose a few - the one with Lila and the fountain is so adorable and the one of the girls with Nick is awesome. I love them all!! Faith
    Jul 11 2010
    Jess does an incredible job with our two girls. These are some more greats pics. Psyched to get back with her once #3 has arrived.
    Jul 11 2010
    These pictures are great. I'd like to see more boys.
    Jul 11 2010
    I love Nick's haircut. It is so ghetto fabulous.
  • Ann Burnes
    Ann Burnes
    Jul 15 2010
    These are great, Ali. I think you will be so glad to have some pictures of your last pregnancy!
  • Mary Balster
    Mary Balster
    Jul 19 2010
    Sorry it took me so long to do this, Ali. we have been having major computer problems! Love the pictures of Katie and Lila -- can't wait to hear your news...

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