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So I’ll admit I don’t know much about soccer, but I am sure there are soccer players out there who have signature moves, and whose signature moves started early, when they were really young. Big brother D and his little sister S loved kicking soccer balls around during their shoot, and my favorite part of it was S’s arm that shot to the sky every time she made a big kick.  Here’s an action shot showing the move.  I assume we’ll be using this photo when she’s a soccer star someday, proving she was doing this move in her early years.

Peering out at the squirrels:

And we have a bunch of pics of the two of them giggling and laughing, but I keep coming back to this one.  I love their big gorgeous eyes and their calm togetherness:

D is an incredibly gentle, sweet big brother.  This was not staged one bit – I was following these guys outside to play, and when they got to the stairs, D helped S step down.  No joke.  I like the shadow of their clasped hands on the stair.

I haven’t seen D since he was 18 months old – and look at him now.  I love this grin.

These pigtails kill me.


Mama and her munchkins.  Father’s Day present much?

Another of those sweet, sweet, unstaged moments.  Seriously?  You’re legitimately going to high five, in the cutest way imaginable (in the best light imaginable)?  Dimples and all.

So fun to see you guys again!

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  • Keri S
    Keri S
    Jun 09 2010
    Those are some of the most beautiful children and photographs I've ever seen and I don't even know the family!

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