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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Today I got to meet the teeniest, tiniest little cutie patootie Maltipoo puppy.  She’s only twelve weeks old and at her last appointment she weighed in at a whopping one and a half pounds.  She’s been eating and growing like crazy, though, so her mama is sure she’s at least two pounds by now.  She’s the kind of little pup who makes you immediately drop to the ground the moment you see her and not get off the ground until you have to leave.

Here’s my favorite moment from the shoot, as she heads to attack that enormous tennis ball that just might attack back.  Never know.

Introducing the lovely Digby.  Yes, that is a standard-size tennis ball at 1/3 of her standing height.

Never thought I’d post a photo of my own foot on my blog.  Luckily I wore my cute shoes today. I’m a size 8.5, if that helps you establish a frame of reference for this little pipsqueak.

Next to her playpen.

Hiding in a favorite spot.  Yes, that’s Dig’s little nose peeking out.

Can we go outside and play?

Enjoying the sun today (look at that cutie little tail!).  And the face full of attitude.

Getting a scratch from mama.

Her profile makes her look like a big five pound girl, doesn’t she?

Quick rest, sweet wise eyes.

And last but not least, lounging by the pool.

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  • Kath
    Mar 22 2010
    THANK YOU so much for these pics. It's absolutely amazing what you were able to capture, especially since Digby was running around the entire time. I can't wait to frame her first official photos!
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    Meet My Little Digby | Give Me My Remote
    Mar 22 2010
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  • tw111
    Mar 22 2010
    Awwwwww! Presh!

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