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I’ve been called many, many times over the past eight years to do dog photos, and I’ve always just referred my clients to other wonderful photographers who specialize in animal photography.  But when all of a sudden this month my sister and her fiance adopted a gorgeous 4 month old shelter pup (a lab/husky mix), all my resolve went out the window.  Because dogs are babies too!  Now that I’m a real live aunt of a real live dog, everything has changed.  He’s perfect.  He’s delicious. He’s cuddly.  He’s beautiful.  He’s my nephew.

And his name, ladies and gentlemen, is Jake.

And in my less than 12 hour visit to DC this weekend to meet him, I learned so much.  He taught me how awesome the laser pointer is.  His mom and dad live in an english basement apartment, and they don’t have a ton of runaround room for a 4 month old cutie pie, so the laser pointer is maybe the best invention for Jake ever.  Here he is as he pounces on that silly little red dot (and a side note as a proud aunt – do you see the bright white light on his left paw? he totally would have caught the red dot if it were a real thing!):

A snuggle with his loving mama:

Up on his hind legs (this was before we went to doggie kindergarden later that day… not sure if this is allowed anymore…):

I think he has his daddy’s nose:

And a shot with his favorite toy in the background – the oft-chewed Froggy.  And don’t you love these incredible wrinkles on Jake’s head? What’s more perfect? They remind me of how much I love baby wrinkles.

Playing a little tug-o-war:

I like this one because you can see his sweet little husky tail all curled around:

And had to play with some macro stuff… don’t you love how puppy-ish these paw pads are? Still so soft.

The whole fam.  How awesome is the head tilt on Jake? And Lindsay’s hand over Jake’s little paw is my second favorite part…

Gorgeous, perfect, wonderful nephew, I loved meeting you.  Can’t wait to see you again soon.  So excited to be a doggie aunt.

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  • Nancy
    Mar 19 2010
    SO cute! Will he be at the wedding? :)
  • BBP, aka Jess
    BBP, aka Jess
    Mar 19 2010
    I hope so, Nancy - but I'm gonna leave that to Linds and Brent to answer... I haven't heard the final word. I think his house training is job #1 these days, and the success on that front is going to determine wedding attendance likelihood ;)
  • Mary C. Davis
    Mary C. Davis
    Mar 19 2010
    These pictures are stunning! I haven't met Jake, but I feel like I know him now. Beautifully done!
  • Sara
    Mar 19 2010
    These shots are incredible! I just spent an hour with Jake this week and I can't get over how much these shots capture his personality. Love them!
  • Cilla
    Mar 20 2010
    OMG these brought tears to my eyes. Jake is wonderful, he totally has a photo-future, and I'm thrilled for him and his happy parents! Happy life to all!

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