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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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Ooh I had no idea we’d gotten this shot during the session, and when I started editing them I was so excited when I found it!  LOVE this.

I came to celebrate B’s first birthday a couple of weeks ago, and because I’d done cute little nudie bum pictures of his big sisters years ago, we had to embarrass Mr. B the same way.  But this one is just perfect, clenching and all:

Incredible, incredible eyelashes.

This one cracks me up, especially big sister A in the background 🙂

Those tootsies I mentioned:

What great twinkley eyes on this big one year old boy:

Lovely big sister R:

And what incredible eyes on biggest sister A:

I feel like Mr. B is saying “Wait, wait…!”  🙂

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  • katie
    Mar 10 2010
    I love the toes!
  • kerry eagen
    kerry eagen
    Mar 10 2010
    Adorable photo's! I love that pic of Ava!
  • Sarah
    Mar 10 2010
    These are great! I *love* the twinkley-eyed B. shot, and also that last one where the girls are smooching the b-day boy. They're all great, though, as usual!
  • Christy
    Mar 10 2010
    Amazing photos, as always. Can't wait to see all the ones you pick out!
  • kate jennings
    kate jennings
    Mar 12 2010
    can I just remark on how beautiful your children are!!!Ava and Rowan are knock outs already-god bless you and Dan! and Mr. B is just so damn cute and loveable.
  • Patricia Barger
    Patricia Barger
    Mar 13 2010
    Jessica Your photos are wonderful. You captured my grandchildren so naturally and the fivesome of mom and dad Bravo.
  • Alex
    Mar 14 2010
    Adorable as always! The photos are just great, well done Jess! Well done kiddies!

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