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I'm Jessica McDaniel, and May 2021 will mark my 18th anniversary photographing babies and their families all around Boston.

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I got to visit my college roommate and one of my oldest and dearest friends today, and meet her new sweet Kay, at just 8 days old.  I must go downstairs and paint my guestroom (long story, but guests arrive Friday and there’s way too much to do), but before I do, I had to quickly post one picture to get you excited to see the rest of the photos of Lady Kay.

This one’s just a little teaser…

Not sure this moment could be more perfect.

I love you guys!


  • Kim
    Mar 02 2010
    This is one of those photos that they will keep will be passed down. So incredibly precious. Awesome.
  • Joseph Katz
    Joseph Katz
    Mar 03 2010
    Welcome to the family, Kay, from your Uncle Joe and Aunt Janet.
  • Sharon
    Mar 04 2010
    Jess, you are fabulous! Of course, the subject matter is terrific, too! Can't wait to see Kay and Nat in person! Love, Gramma

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