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I think Kathy (mom in this family) gets the prize for most patient waiting list family. She was on the waiting list for what felt like forever this fall, and kept trying to get appointments whenever I had a cancellation. She was always my 2nd or 3rd reply when I’d send out the “there’s a spot available” emails… always just barely missed it. And then when we had a shoot booked back in November, her boys got sick the night before… it just felt like it wasn’t in the cards this season.

But then the stars aligned and I was able to shoot their family this past weekend. This tree shot is making me smile – looks like everyone’s giving a good holler:

And when you’re the middle brother, your picture doesn’t often come first – but this one is killing me…

And sweet baby B:

Handsome big brother P – who seems to have grown up overnight. I’ve known him since he was a wee one, and oh my gosh: huge. Not to mention the best cowlick ever.

Isn’t O’s expression (including dimple) as he looks over at P the best?

Mom and her baby:

Totally unprompted, O wanted to help give B his bottle.

I love this as a wall hanging, big… tootsies!

It was wonderful to see you guys again.
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Oh, and as I was headed to my next shoot, I had to jump out of the car and grab this shot. The road looked so incredible with the snow stuck to the tree branches as they made a little tunnel…

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