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I always have to hand it to families who go for the two under two thing – it is so much work, and though I’m sure the rewards are innumerable, I’m always just straight up impressed by them. This fun family was no different. Big sister M is 19 months old, and little bro A is 3 months old.
0614 by you.

One of the things that made M happiest during the photoshoot was the stickers her dad was handing to her. So what’s sweeter than her giving them to her brother? All the cool kids wear stickers, don’tcha know? (She pulled this one off her own belly to give to him. True love.)
0632 by you.

I love this one of A, with M in the background stickering herself:
0659 by you.

They have the most gorgeous eyes, both of them:
0679 by you.

A smooch for dad:
0646 by you.

There were some tickles for everybody, but A saw right through it. He looks like he’s saying, “You know, I know what you’re doing over there…”
0542 by you.

And we zipped outside for a few shots. Every dad/kid combo has a different tossing-child-in-the-air style, and these guys went for pure height. I love how much air she caught. She loved it too 🙂 Looks almost like those sweet pointed toes are standing on Daddy’s hands up there:
0718 by you.

And I love this mid-ball-toss moment. Keep your eye on the ball!
0749 by you.

Silly faces with Mama:
0727 by you.

And the toy we can all agree is awesome… the small ball:
0771 by you.

And every day these guys wait on their front porch for Dad, so this is what he sees when he walks up from the train. This makes me smile. I loved getting to know you guys, thanks for having me out!

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0807 by you.


  • Allison White
    Allison White
    Oct 06 2009
    The pics are beautiful.. captures Kerry and Ben how they truly are! I cannot wait to meet the rest of the family!!
  • Joanne Keensn
    Joanne Keensn
    Oct 06 2009
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures so much. I love the one where you comment on their eyes! What a beautiful family!
  • Anonymous
    Oct 06 2009
    Beautiful family - beautiful mother and father! And those eyes - could anything be cuter? Great pictures -

    Thank you for sharing!
  • MIMI
    Oct 06 2009
    How lucky am I to have two such beautiful grandchildren. What great pictures of both of them. I just love the one of them and their mom waiting for dad after a day at work.
  • Uncle Mike
    Uncle Mike
    Oct 06 2009
    The young lad looks well!

    Maggie Boo Boo is adorable as ever!

    I'm siked to see you in a couple of weeks. Enjoy your trip to Bermuda!
  • Drew
    Oct 06 2009
    The homecoming photo is great and some great action shots. Nice work.
  • Mama ABK
    Mama ABK
    Oct 06 2009
    These are adorable! You're a very lucky family!
  • Doug E. Fresh
    Doug E. Fresh
    Oct 07 2009
    Perhaps you could bring your photographer with you to Chicago in fourteen years for the prom pics? Uncle Mike volunteered to chaperone.
  • Ernie
    Oct 07 2009
    This pics are amazing.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07 2009
    I still cannot believe you have two under two! You guys are amazing! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and truly capture your loving family bond. All the best! Denise Penton
  • lmacleod
    Oct 07 2009
    Amazing pics Ben and Kerry. You all look great. Love the first one on the blog. Precious!
  • Kristin McDonough
    Kristin McDonough
    Oct 09 2009
    LOVE these pictures!!!! They came out great! What a cute family :)
  • Kerry Vallett McIntyre
    Kerry Vallett McIntyre
    Oct 09 2009
    Kerry, I am impressed. The b/w slide show/music is amazing! Your babies are adorable. Let's celebrate 2 under 2 or 3 under 3 HA! (my twins now just over 3) Whatever it may be, it is worth every second!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing!
  • Anonymous
    Oct 13 2009
    Love these photos..the kids are adorable and you all look great!
  • Peg KLaas
    Peg KLaas
    Oct 21 2009
    Grammy Peg, says, those are the cutest kids in the whole world!!!!

    Great pics!

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