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My friend Mary talks about the magic of popsicles, and their elusive power over her children. She calls that time after you hand your children the popsicles, when all the crying stops – she calls it “popsicle calm”. I love it, because now I think of it every time I use popsicles to save the day at my house.

Now these guys didn’t really even need popsicles to fix a bad mood or anything, but they were just so incredibly cute with their melty messy faces.
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Don’t you love the drips coming down sweet P’s elbows (on the left)?
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Love these giggles from all:
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Momma and her boy:
1503 by you.

Daddy and his girl:
1389 by you.

Hugs all around:
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I have to admit I love breakdown pictures – it’s terrible of me, I know. But it’s so great how quickly they come in and out of these kinds of breakdowns. I don’t remember what big boy B had done to the poor maligned P here – but she was better quickly, don’t worry.
1507 by you.

And this next one is my absolute favorite. An unexpected, wonderful moment – when the postman arrived with the mail. Can’t beat the tush, and their pup lined up waiting patiently too.

Great to see you all!

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  • jasonandlisa
    Aug 10 2009
    that mailman shot is phenomenal.
  • Anonymous
    Aug 11 2009
    This is outstanding --
  • Anonymous
    Aug 11 2009
    Priceless! Looks like a Norman Rockwell.
  • Anonymous
    Aug 12 2009
    This looks like an award-winning photo. Seriously. Roie even appears to be waving her tail!

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