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This little one decided to give his/her parents a kick as we were taking some pictures on their couch – I love these expressions 🙂
0887 by you.

And this lovely mama Erin asked, as I was leaving, if I thøught the line below her belly button (a.k.a. linea nigra – which, yes, I had to google in order to figure out the spelling) would show up in the photos. I gave her my usual answer to this question, which is, “Oh, I can edit it out if you don’t like it…” and I loved her response… “Oh, no, I’m hoping you will be able to see it. I think it’s cool. I feel like it looks like a seam.” 🙂
0859 by you.

Love this:
0790 by you.

A fun laughing one:
0800 by you.

On the back deck:
0802 by you.

And this one I’ve seen done, I can’t remember where, probably or somewhere… and so had Erin. She described it to me, and I knew what she meant. I don’t usually bring props, but she said she didn’t have blocks for her baby yet — come on, no blocks?! poor child is going to be needing those momentarily! 🙂 But I said no problem, I’d bring some of my daughters’ blocks for this shot. But then when I went digging through the toys, I could only find one B block. So I brought a lowercase d, and promised her I’d fix it in Photoshop. Gotta love digital photography!

What a fun shoot! Great to meet you guys. Can’t wait to meet your little one in a few weeks.

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  • Jessica B.
    Jessica B.
    Aug 07 2009
    I love the "Baby" photo and the one of you and Chris laughing. These will be so precious to you both - especially in years to come. I also like the blog about the shoot - it makes a nice memory. Erin - the linea negra? I love it.
  • Maria @ A Mom Is Born
    Maria @ A Mom Is Born
    Aug 07 2009
    What a great memento these photos will be!
  • Beth
    Aug 07 2009
    I have never seen anything like these before. How cool! And, you look great Erin!
  • The Neumanns
    The Neumanns
    Aug 08 2009
    Wonderful Pictures!
  • JChisholm
    Aug 08 2009
    It's fun to see such an exciting and special time captured in beautiful photographs. They are all great but I think it's especially sweet to see the ones showing the excited and loving expressions of Erin & Chris!
  • S. Blalock
    S. Blalock
    Aug 09 2009
    Mama looks so content and beautiful. What a wonderful memory captured in these pictures.
  • JLurding
    Aug 10 2009
    I love the pics and the commentary is fun. You guys look so happy and content! Erin, you look fabulous!
  • rachel
    Aug 10 2009
    great pics, Er! you look gorgeous in the "on the back deck" picture. can't wait to meet little alff!
  • Laura
    Aug 10 2009
    Erin! These are great photos of you and Chris! love each of them. Can't wait to meet little Alff!
  • Norma
    Aug 10 2009
    Love seeing the pictures of Erin and Chris. Since they live SO FAR AWAY we haven't been able to enjoy seeing them (okay - able to watch Erin grow) - she's beautiful, by the way. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby and proud parents!!! Thanks for sharing.
  • Nana Alff
    Nana Alff
    Aug 10 2009
    I'm sure the baby will be as awesome in visible life as she/he is in these pictures.
    Nana Alff
  • Christine
    Aug 11 2009
    What great photos Erin! You and Chris are so cute. I especially love the one of you on the back deck. I can't wait to see photos of your little one too! :)
  • Sara
    Aug 12 2009
    these came out great erin! love the one with the baby literally coming out at you! i think he/she is ready to meet the parents!
  • Dad & Mom
    Dad & Mom
    Aug 12 2009
    Oh our Baby Girl is having a baby!! We're so happy and excited! Can't wait to see that little one.
  • Lauren
    Aug 13 2009
    Erin, Greg and I expect an 8x10 glossy of the one of Chris kissing your belly (not shown). We will hang it over our fireplace.

    No, in all seriousness - these are great!

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