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So this shoot was a bit different – Sara (mom) takes lots of gorgeous photos of her daughter all the time, but she has no photos of herself with her daughter (a situation I’m very familiar with).  So this shoot was a time for us to get mommy/daughter pictures.  I feel like I should have posted this a month or so ago before Mother’s Day instead of Father’s Day!

To start off, this is my absolute favorite shot from the day.  Just love this.
2426 by you.

And we got some sweet classic ones:
2395 by you.

Sara had asked for some urban-style photos… so I talked this truck driver into driving behind this shot for me, just to up the “urban” feel… 😉
2459 by you.

These guys were BOTH up for anything.  Dancing on park benches, anyone?
2531 by you.

Shoulder rides…
2306 by you.

Even stopping for a rest and a cuddle. What’s better than that?
2505 by you.

I had a wonderful time celebrating girls and mommies with you guys today.  All your pics are coming soon!
2466 by you.

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